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Take Stock

Happy Sunday, dear readers! No actually, It’s Monday morning! A very wise person once said that you need to actually have experiences in order to put together good content so yesterday, I was out experiencing what I’m about to talk about in today’s post.I was back at Royale this weekend! Remember the review I wrote about it? My friend and fellow blogger Boitumelo and I went there for drinks after work. What a vibe! And no need to get all dressed up! Most people head over there straight from work, I was reminded why I like this place so much!My favorite thing about Friday night was the reminder of the goodness I am surrounded by. My life’s song and dance are to focus on the good at all times and not to allow the difficulties of life to overwhelm me! It was really enriching to engage with these ladies that night! The cocktails went down well too!Incidentally, I was back at the Royale yesterday to celebrate my friend Bax’s graduation. Bax is awesome! Check out his podcast to find out how Nerd he is about life! Any invitation to his event is an absolute compliment!I found myself surrounded by such amazing, vibrant people who are passionate about their lives and their work and about being the best human beings they can be – and I had a seat at the table! It’s really good to take stock of what you have surrounded yourself with. As you step into this new month, I hope you’ve left the bad in June and look forward to a July filled with even more goodness! Have a good week dear readers! Thank you for popping in!

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