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3 Ways to Survive Winter

Happy Wednesday, dear readers! It’s July which means that Winter is here for real now! I’m a winter baby, but I’m not very comfortable with the season! it’s so cold, guys and I struggle to get up in the morning and I still struggle to dress warmly enough, uurgh! So I thought it would be helpful to bog myself down with some specific tips to help me get through this inevitable season.


No matter how much I complain, winter is around for at least another 80 days! It’s really best to just accept that ’tis the season and it will not pass for a while. I am counting down until the day when it gets lighter earlier in the day and the air is warmer again. Yes, it’s freezing right now, but as inevitable as Winter is, so is Spring and Summer, my friend! this too will pass!

Take Cover

I love feeling warm and snuggly during Winter so I take cover every chance I get. I got myself a gas heater for the freezing evenings, I shower just before bed and Turbans, scarves and millions of layers of clothes keep the bite of cold at bay. I hate being sick and it’s miserable to be sick when you live alone and have no one to baby you, Soft Kitty style, so I am doing everything in my power to avoid that!

Comfort Food

I love to cook! I love to eat and winter is the perfect time to do just that! I see it as a way to keep warm from the inside out. I eat porridge for breakfast now. I’m collecting soup and stew recipes to warm the cockles of my heart in the chilly evenings too. It’s also OK to eat bread and pasta from time to time too guys! Don’t over do it, though, summer will be here before you know it, and you want your hot body to be ready for those summer dresses, shorts and bikinis!


No matter the season, gym is life so don’t stop working out! It’s definitely one way to keep warm and it’s great for your immune system too! You’ll also thank yourself when those layers of clothes have to come off and what lays beneath is a firm beautiful body you can be proud of!

Shout out to my friends that helped me with winter images for today’s post! You guys are the best! Thank you so much for popping in! Have a good week😘

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