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Killarney Night Run

My eyes had to adjust to the light, cold air was coming from the pool on the left and it was pitch black even with the torch on my head! This was a bad idea! How could I think I could finish a 5km run – in the dark?!

There’s always an impending sense of doom a few minutes before a run even in the light of day, so I was not surprised by these thoughts going through my head just before the beginning of the Killarney Night Run on Thursday.

The Challenge

I used to think that being able to run 5 km from beginning to end was my biggest challenge. But it wasn’t the distance that worried me this time rather seeing in the dark as well as how I would fare running at the end of the day as opposed to first thing in the morning.


At the end, we got a puzzle piece which was 1 half and you get the second half when you run the 2nd race on 15 August. I cannot have half a fridge magnet reminding me that I didn’t complete something so I am going back armed with a determination to better my time!

This was a definite must-do! Find yourself a night run and do, it’s so much fun!

Thanks for popping in everyone! I will be much more focused next week because the exams will be over! Please bear with me! Ok, bye😘

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