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Live The Experience

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I love to brag about my friends, because they are great!!!

My friend Bax started a podcast called Nerd About Life this year and last week, I treated myself to his latest episodes!

So there’s a lot to like about his podcast beyond him being my friend and a Gemini and a beautiful Xhosa man! So you should definitely check out at least one episode( 2 just to be sure!)

☝ This really resonated with me in Bax’s conversation with Babalwa on last week’s episode! It’s so important in all the business of life to live your experiences and not just write about them! Yes, you, dear blogger! We know how to make these things up and make them sound good as though we were there when we were not! So from time to time, take a step back and have the experience first before you write about it!

I have to go! I have an important appointment in 10 minutes! Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime soon. In the meantime, wish me luck!! See you soon😘

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