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Come With Me

No one knows how to make my year the way my favorite band, The Muffinz, does! When you say yes to an invitation to see these guys live, you’re really saying yes to an entire experience, an adventure to a corner of Joburg you have not yet explored.

This Saturday I found myself at Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers. This spot is typically a tourist destination but the locals filled it up for some good music and good vibes!

My friends and I grabbed a blanket and camping chairs and planted ourselves for the day in front of the stage, and my band did not disappoint! We danced and talked and laughed and left at a decent hour.

A light-filled spiritual experience that was filled with song, dance, and community. An evening of pure bliss and lighthearted moments between friends and strangers. – Thulisile Lange

Im not going to lie to you, guys! I don’t have much to say about the venue. Touristy places don’t really appeal to me and a township is not a place I want to tour. People live there – no! But if you are from out of town or country, try the place out!

Thank you for popping in! Have an awesome week😘

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