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Heart to Heart

They say that charity begins at home. That’s why I’m so proud of my school for this amazing initiative!

What is Heart to Heart?

An initiative aimed at looking beyond ourselves and our needs, Heart-to-Heart has taken the time to consider people who are less fortunate than they are. This is truly an act of love and the very essence of Ubuntu.

It’s an initiative started by some members of the Dominican Convent School staff and their students aimed at giving back to members of the school’s surrounding community.

To help raise funds for the day, Heart- to- Heart sold popcorn at the school over several days.

Dominican Day

Our school is actively developing a culture of giving, a value that we hope will remain with students for the rest of their lives. Learners will be given the opportunity to see the fruits of their charitable actions come to life as they interact with the less fortunate. This unique initiative will allow learners to relate with the less fortunate on a personal level, teaching students to see them as people despite their circumstances.


The jumble sale of the clothes donated by members of the Dominican School community allows the learners of the school to interact with the local community.

Tomorrow is the Dominican Fun day which is intended for interaction with the community. Learners, teachers, and children from the local foundation will take part in different fun activities. This should make for a fun-filled day to end off the second term!

I can’t wait for tomorrow! I’ve signed myself up for all the activities in cling a three-legged race!

What charitable activities do you participate in in your area? We should really share idea so that we can all do more for those in need! Thank you for popping in! I’ll chat to you on Sunday😘

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