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Anonymous: Dream Sellers

Surprise! Due to adulting, I missed last month’s anonymous post! I’m sorry, but I’m making up for it! Enjoy this month’s edition!
Fellow readers, may I take you on a journey? As a little girl, I was constantly warned of dream sellers. At such a tender age, I was very unfamiliar with the term. I didn’t bother to ask further questions because, in my head I had sworn I’d never come across any. As time passed and I grew older, the term began to unravel itself to me. This occurred through a series of events and a number of people. The different people I came across sold all sorts of dreams, sometimes the smallest dream that was sold had the biggest impact.
A dream seller is a person who “sells” a dream of them not being who they really are. They say whatever they can to make others believe they are better off than they really are. They tell people what they want to hear. They sell a dream of being someone else’s view. At some point, we all have a dream seller in us. But you can’t be a full blown dream seller unless your case is extremely bad to the point of leading a double life. The term was coined by Brandon Novak. There’s also a book about his addiction with this title. Now that has been explained, we can move forward.
You see, the thing about dream sellers is that not only do they affect your perspective on life, they instill in you a bundle of false hopes. The intention of a dream seller is meant to manipulate the mind of an independent individual, the benefits arise in the long term. Dream sellers are aware that placing an idea in one’s mind gives power to distract one from their true path.
The intention of today’s post was to awaken those who have been put to sleep by dream sellers. The people who have lost their independence, motivation and sight of their own goals. Dream sellers have one purpose and that is to bring a great individual to a point of self doubt and false expectations, a dream seller is toxic and never tells the truth.
Stop waiting for the world to make you happy or for someone to come into your life and promise you the world. Start taking initiative of your own goals and climbing your own ladder of success. Take your own path & journey to self. Stop depending on dream sellers & start focusing on making your own dreams a reality.

If you have a dream seller story, feel free to share in the comments.


Thank you so much for popping in! have a beautiful day😘

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