A Walk to Remember

You can stop side eyeing me now, I’m back from the Mother City! I landed back in Jozi yesterday! I had an awesome time, but I’m glad to be home, what with all good things having to come to an end, right?! I’d like to take this post to do a few shout outs for the past week!My Friend

Thank goodness that we are blessed with people in our lives that see much more than we see in ourselves! Amber trusted me with her most treasured things and people and gave me the space to enjoy myself too. This woman has watched me grow from a scared girl on the shores of a Mozambique beach, to the tidal pools of Kalk Bay, in both instances keeping a close eye on me like a mother hen, to the person I am now: braver stronger and more adventurous. I love you, Amber. Thank you!The Teenagers

Definitely the coolest kids you will ever meet! These ones made my job for the week so simple and not once did things get uneasy. Kemi and Tayo really affirmed my theory that kids are often more perceptive than adults and it doesn’t take a lot to impress them.


As I adventured by myself this week, I hated the idea of taking selfies that didn’t capture the essence of where I was – or the essence of me. So shout out to all the strangers who happily humored me and took really good pictures and gave me enough options to choose from!Life is Good

I sound like such a broken record, but I have to say this: Life is an adventure. Every aspect of life, even a trip to the gym! It is best to enjoy it! It is best to figure out how to navigate life and to learn new, healthy ways to cope with the challenges and tricks life throws at us! Accept the good because life will always make you accept the bad! If you accept this, I promise you, life will be so much better to deal with!Amber and I had our first fight to this view! In fact, because of this view! She wasn’t listening to me because the view “is so pretty!” So moral of the story: if you’re gonna have a fight then you should have it somewhere aesthetically pleasing so that things can simmer down quickly!I am legitimately enjoying my life at the moment! Every single insignificant moment of my life and I hope that enjoyment lasts as long as possible!That’s it! That’s my post! Thanks for popping in! Have a beautiful week ahead! Make the most of all your life! I’ll see you on Sunday!

2 thoughts on “A Walk to Remember”

  1. Such an excellent, awesome perspective. What a great time. And of course I’d trust you with my treasures….I suspect you have a deeper understanding of teens than most, since you have to be super cool with a whole lot every day. Stay happy. Miss you.

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