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How to Be a Supermodel

Hello, erbody! I was so excited when Positive Pants responded to my last post about their amazing pants and to get me even more excited, I was offered a stint as a supermodel yesterday morning for their new content! Eeek! Now, besides that one time for my friend’s photography assignment, I’ve never been a model before! I learned a great deal and would love to share with you, three easy ways to be a supermodel because, I’ve obviously arrived after just this one gig😉

Be prepared

The Positive Pants are not only intended to be work out pants but also cater for women who like being comfortable and cute at the same time. Although my intention with my Positive Pants is to look cute while I work out, I had to dress them for a day out running errands or even a night out as well. If you want to be a supermodel, you have to be prepared whichever way you are required to in order to pull off the required look so give yourself as many options as possible! That’s like packing for all four seasons and still being willing to throw out your own ideas of what you thought the outcome was! I also spent the night before practising poses for the shoot just to make sure that there were some positions I was comfortable with when I got on set.

Own Your Throne

I asked the ladies I was shooting with for advice about how to best pull off this job and it was unanimous: to be a supermodel, you have to own your space and be confident. What I loved about yesterday’s shoot was that every model had something different to offer and none of them looked down on anyone else! Also, it really helped to have a photographer who literally shouted, “Wohoo!” Everytime you did something well! Jill Photography was so encouraging! You should really check out her work!

Have fun

I am by no means an aspiring model, but I definitely like trying new things that are out of my comfort zone and this experience was just that! I had a lot of fun participating on this shoot and learned some very valuable lessons about myself! Thank you so much for this opportunity, Rox and Mon! I can’t wait for the new bike shorts to come out! You can check Positive Pants out on Facebook and Instagram.

Have an awesome week erbody! We’ll chat soon😘

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