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Anonymous: To Wear What We Like

I still find it disgusting that in this day and age, girls still don’t feel comfortable in their houses because they’re told to cover up or wear less “revealing ” clothes because there are men or uncles in the house.

It makes me sad that women would rather tell their daughters to cover up rather than speak to the men. From a very young age girls are indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that men are beasts that can’t control their thirst and lust so to accommodate their behaviour, girls are ordered to cover up because it is easier than having “the talk” with boys. That is utter BS! We keep creating a cycle of misogyny and it never ends!

Because men grow up believing that it’s ok to tell girls to change their clothes because of them, men end up believing that women have to cater to them all the time which is wrong. Girls should be taught to be free in what they wear and boys should be taught how to handle and control their desires.

Most importantly, women should stop inviting men that look at children in such perverted ways into their houses. Don’t tell her to change her clothes, tell him to stop imagining what is under her clothes or sexualize her. Because that’s disgusting.

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