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Teacher Problems

A few months ago, Afrobloggers wrote a review about my blog. I’m so grateful for their insight into how I could improve my blog and although I I did my best to fix some of the glitches on my site based on their input, there is one thing I’ve been meaning to explain: what’s with the Teacher Problems category?! You like teaching don’t you?

There was a time in social media when the hashtag *insert” problem was a thing. It was meant to be ironic because one did not actually hate the said *insert* but was really expressing an appreciation of that *insert*

Wait, did I make any sense?! My point is, I love teaching and although I do experience some very real problems in the industry, my Teacher Problems category is only for the good stuff, I promise!

Today I have one such good stuff! A member of my favourite band once said in my question about rearranging their own song, ” well, we need to keep the music interesting for ourselves as well, so sometimes we change things up” I quoted that but it was really a paraphrase!

I feel the same way about teaching! I make things interesting in my class, not only to engage my students but also so I don’t die of boredom.

So last term I had them start their own blogs for a transactional writing assessment and the snowball effect was to have them do a podcast for the oral aspect of this term’s marks.

I love the way children take what you think is a small idea and they produce something bigger and better than you can imagine! I mean, I was already impressed with the blog ideas they came up with but they blew my mind with their follow up podcasts! I spent yesterday assessing the audio clips they sent me and it was so amazing to hear how confident many of them were, especially on the subject matter they had chosen!

If you’re an English teacher you should really try this out. Instead of having them do their oral in front of the whole class, why not have them send you an audio clip of the oral assessment? Not only do they have the opportunity to re-record until they are happy with the work they produce but you also get to listen and enjoy without their classmates’ snickering in the background making them more nervous!

Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell: full of work. But I love my work so it was actually fantastic🙂 thank you so much for popping in! It’s always a pleasure to have you here!

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