When it comes to fitness, I’m down for whatever, to be honest. I’m here for the results and being able to push myself beyond limits I thought were impenetrable! It feels good to be able to wear whatever I want and not to feel uncomfortable with my body! It feels good to catch a glimpse, at the perfect angle and the perfect lighting, a glimpse of what appears to be a 6 pack! Man, it feels so good to feel good in my own skin!

So my very good friend Lian started doing this thing called Piloxing and from what I could see on her Instagram, it is a lot and she looks better and better every day and sounds happier and happier everytime we catch up – I was curious!

Because I like things and Lian and I will find any opportunity to see each other since she is based in Cape Town, she’s roped me in for a Piloxing event taking place in Joburg next weekend!

I need to do some more research and preparation but based on this Piloxing video and other research I’ve done, Piloxing is pilates meets boxing -and your girl has her work cut out for her! Listen, it’s not child’s play and I felt every muscle in my body flex at just the sight of the gruelling work out that is in store for me next weekend! It’s going to be hectic! Pray for me! I’ll have more details for you during the week and maybe even a giveaway!

In the meantime, I’m going to put in some real work this week to get me ready, so wish me luck!

Thank you for popping in today! It’s always good to have you hear! Have an amazing week😘

2 thoughts on “Piloxing”

  1. I had never heard of piloxing until this post. I went on google to research it sounds so fun yet I got exhausted just from watching the non-stop exercises.

    Looking forward to hearing about your experience

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