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4 Things to Expect on a School Camp

When last have you been on camp? With kids? Sleeping on a different bed with a different routine? Eating food you haven’t cooked and having none of your comfort stuff around you? I’m a grown up now and I’m pretty set in my ways, so school camps are not really my thing, to be honest. But the job is the job and so once a year, I find myself accompanying a grade of students on school camp. Today, I’m going to share a survival kit of sorts to help you ( if you are ever in my shoes) survive being the grownup at camp.

Pack Smart

I hate packing! I took two gap years after high school for ministry purposes and I lived out of a bag for those two years. As a result, I often don’t pack very well now because it makes me mildly anxious. I worry too much about what I think I may or may not need and end up leaving behind what I actually need in the end! But camp packing is pretty easy and doesn’t need so much drama! I pack as many t-shirts as there are days on camp with maybe 3 extras just in case and I do the same with pants and shorts. My best sneakers stay at home and I pack my old All Stars, my offroad running shoes and a couple of sandals. Basic toiletries, sunglasses and a hat and Im good to go! Camp isn’t really about comfort and I’m ok to live without certain things for a few days.

Be Flexible

Like I already said, I’m very set in my routine and I like having control over how my day goes, but on camp, my sense of control goes out the window! It’s important to be flexible and to allow facilitators to run the program as they are trained to. This is actually the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the activities as well!

Have Some Fun

This is important! As much as the kids are there to try obstacle courses and learn new lessons about themselves, so are you! Conquer your fears. It’s important to break out of your own comfort zone too. It makes kids feel brave when they see you do the scary challenge and they feel they can too so go for it! For the kids!

Bonding Time

Camp time is bonding time! You see a side of the kids that you don’t see in the classroom. You see them challenge and conquer fears in ways they don’t in the classroom or home space and it’s beautiful to watch! The adult time is also very rewarding in that, you get to know each other as well during this time!

So here I am for the rest of the week, slumming it casual style and loving it! I hope you have an opportunity to let loose a little bit. I hope you make space for things that grow you and make you stronger and better!

Thank you for popping in today! It’s always a pleasure to have you come by. Have an amazing week😘

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