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It’s been a while since I last wrote a piece of prose and Friday seemed fitting as I lay in bed listening to the first real rain since last summer. I couldn’t help but scribble something…

You poured down

In buckets at first.

Beating chaotic rhythms

On the roofs

And the trees and the ground

And my back.

I waded in the puddles,

Begrudging the inconvenience of bad timing,

But grateful for perfect timing.

They came just in time,

You came just in time,

It will come just in time.

I lay now cocooned in duck feathers

And you patter gently at a safe distance.


but present…

I am safe

You are here

And I am safe…

We’re a proud nation today! Congratulations to the Bokke on their sensational win this weekend!

Thank you for popping in today! Have an amazing week everyone😘