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3 Ways to Be a Better Writer

In the world of social media, short hand and emojies are the order of the day. Intentions are misinterpreted and much is left unsaid in the interest of time yet too much is conveyed in the hopes of getting one’s message across. This is me: I struggle to call myself a writer yet here I am, scribbling away all the while praying that my words are beautifully sewn together.

I don’t like to call myself a writer, but I have come to love putting pen to paper and drawing vivid images with my words. If you feel the way I do, you understand the overthinking, insecurities and worry that comes with the writing process.

Today, I put together 3 simple tips to help you to improve your writing and to ease some of your anxiety around the process.

Keep writing

I asked a fellow blogger a fellow blogger a few years ago what advice she had for me to improve the way I write and her response was simply to keep doing. I hated that answer at the time because it gave me no real indication or direction to go in, but as the years have rolled by and I have in fact kept writing, I realised the importance of this this advice. The more you write the more you develop a style and process that suits you, the more ideas for new material and the more you enjoy what you do. It’s really that simple.

Do your Research

I tell my students this all the time and I only really started putting into practice in my writing recently. Google provides us with so much information that we often don’t even try to look for it. It is important to do as much research on your topic as possible. I’m learning to write in a voice that is not mine at the moment and I spend a lot of time talking to men to hear how they phrase their statements and even the emojies they use. It’s completely different to women, I tell you! I would not have known this if I had not done my research.

Give yourself a deadline

Am I the only person who hates listening to my recorded voice? Writing is kind of the same thing for me: what I write never sounds good enough to me. I promise you, if you wait for your writing to be “perfect”, you will literally never put it out there. It never looks or sounds perfect so trust yourself and deliver the work. It’s OK to get a bad review or to be told it’s bad work. It definitely gives you something to work with. This is why come hell or high water, I post at a specific time of day, otherwise I will talk myself out of putting out good material.

Well, I hope this is helpful! I have my hands full at the moment, but I love every minute of it! Have an awesome week erbody! We’ll chat soon! Thank you stopping by😘