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Is an alpha an alpha or really only an alpha because their audience has put them on the alpha pedestal?

I admire alphas. They are unwavering. They never seem to lose confidence in themselves or their abilities. They are cool, calm and collected; all the time! They are always in control of themselves; I love that.

I wish I was that unaffected and in complete control. But I tend to be a bit of an awkward, giggly, insecure, please like me mess yet that’s not how my people perceive me. My people think I’m dripping in confidence! This got me thinking that maybe being an alpha has a great deal to do with a self understanding and not really control. It’s knowing why you do what you do and understanding your processes and not being afraid or ashamed of who and how you are. I kind of disregard for failure because there is learning in those experiences.

And so I reiterate what was shared in a recent anonymous post. Own the space you find yourself in. Own who you are because that is where your alpha lies.

Thank you for popping in today! It’s always so good to have you here! Have an amazing week😘