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Reflections 2019

Can you believe 2019 is almost over?! Done?! Dusted? A new decade lies ahead with new possibilities and goals and, just, stuff?! Time flies!

Last year, Reflections went so well that I thought we could run it again this year. I’m always curious to hear what my readers enjoyed reading on The Chronicles during the year and I also like engaging about the impact this here blog has had on those who have landed on this page. Sometimes, my friends ask about a certain experience and it reminds me that, I’m not just out here speaking to myself!

And so, Reflections returns! Every Wednesday of December, I will put up a post written by you in which you can talk about what I may or may not have triggered in you in a post you read at any time during the year. You’re allowed to go as far back as you like and you’re allowed to speak as freely as you like. The floor is yours! Let’s look back on this year together and see what gems we have found to help us in the future. Are you in?