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Have you ever gone on a mission’s trip? Or been in a situation where all you had was your faith in God that things will work out somehow? Well, my friends, Steph and Avi, just returned from a 6 month trip that challenged and grew them in ways that they came home to share with us.

The main point of the trip was to help homeschool the children of the permanent missionaries but as Avi shared, the trip set the trajectory for the life they would like to live for God.

Avi believes that to be used well by God, it is not ability that you need but availability. If you want to be used by God and live a life for his Glory, you need only to slow down and make yourself available to Him; He does the rest.

Sometimes we drag our feet when we feel ineffective or not good enough where God places us and as a result, we miss out on what God is doing in us through the time we are in that place of growth.

Between finding themselves in an environment where they felt incapable and had to literally carry their form of transport through a river to get to the other side, Steph says there was often nothing left to do but to let go of certain things and choose to trust God instead.Trusting God can be a thing you show and not just words you say.

The question that remained for my friends is this: Do they really have a heart for the lost or was the trip an adjustment to that time and place they found themselves in? It’s easy to ride on the coattails of other people but it’s important to pay close attention to your own work (Galations 6). The missionary environment exposes a great deal of your own weaknesses to you and it’s important to continue to weigh up the blueprint of the work you are doing.

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