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Sobae Frozen

Do you ever have the intention of doing something or going somewhere and never get around to fulfilling your word? I do,all the time!A few months ago, I promised you the lowdown on Victoria Yards on actual market day. Life got hectic and I couldn’t get to one. Thank goodness for second chances because I made it there today!My friend finally got an official shop in the Victoria Yard space and today was the first day of official business in the space!This one is for all those who love all things sugar free. Sobae is essentially extremely ripe fruits blended with ice and let me tell you, it is delicious! I have a sweet tooth and I loved it! Apparently, you won’t find this kind of tasty treat anywhere else in South Africa. It’s popular in Europe and we are just now catching on!

For more information about this yummy dessert, check out their Instagram page to learn more about their different flavours and where you can find them.

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