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A Stolen Life

In a recent episode of The New Pope, the pope repeatedly shouts “no” in response to the mass killing of innocent people. “No, No, No, No”, he shouts and encourages his audience to join in the chant and I couldn’t help but think of a book I just finished reading for the month of January.

A Stolen life tells the true story of how a girl is kidnapped at the tender age of 11 and is held captive in a room at the back of a house for 18 years – you heard me – she lives in captivity for 18 years! No! She endures 18 years of sexual abuse of the most grotesque kind – No! No! She has 2 children with this man – No! No! No! She meets the man’s wife and they make a life together for those 18 years – No! No! No! No!

Call it a crisis of faith, but I’m finding it more and more difficult to understand how people who do such unspeakable things exist in this world. Yes, hurt people hurt people, but I am outraged by the extent of hurt we inflict on each other as human beings. It’s horrific! No! No! No!

The good news is that she is eventually found and reunited with her mother, sister and aunt. She survived this experience and despite how horrific it was, she is able to find the blessing that came out of her experience. It is taking a great deal of work, but she seems to have come out of it whole and able to make a life out of the circumstances she finds herself in now: still afraid at times, but strong, still living from day to day in some kind of happiness for surviving it all.

If you’re a bookworm and don’t already read these kinds of narratives, then A Stolen life a story for you. It is simply written and very easy to follow. In her writing, Jaycee is still very much that little girl that just wanted to go home to her mom. It is truly a story not only of the injustices of the world but also the will to survive after the most difficult of times.

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