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Corona – The Virus, Not the Beer!

I was emptying my inbox this morning and every email I opened, be it an online newspaper, a blogpost or a devotional, it all revolved around the Corona Virus.

It made me realise that the world is anxious about this virus. We may or may not close school early. Dem boys are spraying hand sanitizer all over themselves or anyone that comes close to them. Any sneeze or cough is a symptom. Of course, they lowkey want the school to be closed indefinitely even though they hate the idea of having no contact with other people during the quarantine. I have to remind myself not to shake hands or hug people and I sing happy birthday twice while I rub soap into my hands every time I go to the bathroom. Of course, I touch everything after I leave the bathroom and honestly, who can go a whole day without touching their face?! Not me!

In the meantime, South Africa is mildly nervous but mostly pokes fun at the unfolding events because it’s what we do in the face of adversity: we laugh. Black Twitter has decided that the virus is a white thing and we have nothing to worry about. I hear there is even a Corona dance going around!

I’ve definitely taken the stance that the indifferent have on the matter. I have a pretty strong immune system; I get the flu every few years and I medicate immediately and I don’t fit the age group of the most affected by the Coronavirus. At best, the virus is basically the flu and at worst, you die.

As much as most of the odds are in my favour, this is not the wise approach to this. I’m pretty sure that the cases of South Africans who came back with the virus were thinking one of these theories applied to them too; now look at them! So, I’ve opted to be wise and not fearful. I use the sanitizers provided at church and at work and I wash my hands as often as I can. I try not to touch my face ( and fail miserably) and I’m trying not to hug people ( this makes me sad, I settle for elbow bumps)

I hope you are being safe out there! While Africa will very well stay minimally affected by the virus due to our humidity, I wish travellers would stop going skyying overseas and opt for Summer visits. If we really catch this virus, we will not be able to cope with it! Do it for the country, not for yourselves!

Here’s my hope for you this week! That you may know the presence of someone greater than you and know that someone bigger is in control of your safety while you do what you can to keep yourself safe! Have a beautiful week😘

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