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Dear Body

Sometimes I look at you and think, disgusting. Why must you bulge here? Why are there so many dimples there? Why can’t you be clear and without blemish? I wish you were smaller, more defined.Why are you so ugly?

I’m hardest on you. I overfeed you when I am bored, then I complain when you store the excess. I work you till you hurt then I starve you in the name of results. No matter how much you endure, it’s not enough for me.

It’s not your fault. I look at you everyday, and you know what they say about a watched kettle: it never turns into the perfect body.

I need to learn what it looks like to be kind to you, to listen to you, to be gentler toward you, because you are all I have. For better or worse, we are in this together so I must be good to you so we can last as long as possible.

I will do better, I promise you.

Forever Yours

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