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My lockdown toolkit

I won’t lie, I never ever thought South Africa’s lockdown would last as long as it has. We are in the 90s now and the spike in cases is yet to come!

I glibly shared the lessons I learned from the lockdown as though the end was near when in fact the time had barely begun; human hubris will be our demise, I tell you! So today, in the spirit of an attitude adjustment, I want to share with you how I am coping with what has become the new normal.

Keep active

Working out has kept me sane during lockdown! It has been my motivation to get up and be productive every day. I was grateful for it at the beginning of lockdown and I am even more grateful for it now! I am very excited for the day they declare gyms open but I’m definitely not behind with my fitness. This tool has been of great value!

Lockdown adventures

I’ve been finding loopholes to staying at home. While we can’t leave the city, I’ve discovered that there are plenty of little havens nearby that I didn’t notice before. Once a week, Windy and I go out in pursuit of a sense of wonder during, it’s so easy to lose the joy of simply enjoying life.

Be mindful.

This year was the perfect time to change churches. While we havent been able to go to a physical church for months now, I have participated more in church and its activities than I would have in the old normal. It has trully been a good time to regroup and to live qith more intension and awareness of what is important to us.

We have no way of knowing how much longer life wil be like this, but I hope you’re finding ways every day to cope and to make the most of it! Don’t let the lockdown get you down. Thank you so much for popping in! It’s always a pleasure to have you here! Have an awesome week

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