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Level 2 Alert

Our president announced over the weekend that we would be moving to level 2 – Alert- I know: what on earth does alert mean and how is it different to just plain 2? The linguist in me can’t help but think that this is really just word play to stress that we are far from out of danger; many of us lack the sense of urgency that compels us to be more careful and so such labels become necessary. We have been sitting ducks for months on one level while bans were being lifted one day, and then in a wave of panic, reinstated with immediate effect.

Let me first and foremost apologise for my absence- that is, if you have felt my absence at all while I was gone. The thing is, lock down has been a time of a sort of hibernation for me. It has been a time to really use these lists of how tos, to live them and not just to write about them and so I found myself often stuck in living out old lifestyle posts instead of being current. I, for one think this is good. I’d like to be the kind of person who, not only writes what she likes but also lives out what she writes and that requires much less writing and much more living sometimes and so, here am I.

I’ve also found myself feeling more and more sluggish in my attempt to write. There is something liberating about reading a list of 5 better ways of cooking, training, relationshiping, really just living under different circumstances, even more so when you conjure up that list. It’s like you suddenly have a plan for your life and a way forward amidst the chaos. But this lockdown eventually settled on me like a heavy blanket. Eventually, I resigned myself to living it out with no end in sight and as a result, had nothing new to share with you.

Thank goodness, the light has finally appeared. Still far away, but visible and approaching. And that, for me, is good. In a nutshell, the blanket is off and I am back!

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