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Intermittent Fasting Vs Meal Plan

I’m fat. OK, that’s over dramatic and untrue. I’m not fat. But the past 100 plus days of Lockdown had my entire life revolving around preparing food and eating it. Each day by lunch time, I knew what was for dinner and the meat would be out in the sun, getting defrosted. The alcohol ban had me stocked up on bottles I helped myself to every day and all of a sudden, out of the clear blue sky, I had a well stocked snack shelf in my kitchen.

It happened slowly, but one day, I put on my previously loose fitting jeans and, to my horror, they fitted like my jeans jeans! I’m sure you’re wondering if I kept at my workouts and that would fix everything, right?! Well, I did! In fact, I never stopped! Working out very quickly became one of the only things that kept me sane in the face of the nationwide shut down and I thought I was doing alright – my jeans told a different story, though. This was the first real proof that getting the kitchen right is an important step to having and maintaining that dream body.

If I’ve learned anything in fitness and life as a whole, it’s that what’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. You have to find what works for your body and not subscribe only because it has been proven to work on other people. With this in mind, I tried my hand at two forms of dieting and I’m going to share my experiences with both.

Intermittent fasting

What I like about intermittent fasting is the lack of limitations and restrictions. My problem was that I ate all the time and did so out of boredom more than out of hunger. If you tell me I can’t eat something, I may obey for a little while, but soon, out frustration, I will go rouge and eat everything in sight! Fasting helps you to delay that self gratification. I’m allowed to eat, but after a certain amount of time. I tell myself that I can eat whatever I want. While I know that this isn’t actually true, this is really just to keep me going until the fast is over. This did wonders to stop my snacking, especially in the evenings after supper. If you are fasting for weight loss, the main motto is to eat responsibly once the time comes for you to be able to, and that way of thinking minimised my binging when it was time to eat again. I really enjoyed the mindset that intermittent fasting gave me.

Meal Prep

In the spirit of leaving no stone unturned, I tried my hand at following an eating plan; you know, with meal prep and what not. I found this much more difficult. From eating the same thing, every single day (I repeat: Every! Single! Day!), to being in a constant state of hunger even after I’ve just eaten a snack sized plate they call a meal, I was in hell! I still am! Send help! What spawn of Satan came up with this form of torture, guys, honestly?!

I’m sticking to it, though; on most days, anyway and, surprisingly for a number of sensible reasons: I want to see what kind of results I’ll get in the end (when will this hell end?!). This is the painful way, but also the way that will yield the fastest results- so they say; I’m too hungry to argue this. I know that my portions are way bigger than they should be and it’s very clear that sugar and carbs were a gigantic vice in my previous diet. Sometimes it’s like my body is crying for it, it gets so bad. While I do miss being creative with my cooking, I must say I’m much less of an emotional eater as a result of this set daily menu and this has done good things for my wallet too.

Spring is just around the corner for South Africa, and many of us have spent the winter in lockdown sporting sweatpants and trying our hand at baking banana bread, this will pass and those work clothes will have to come out and dusted off for the old normal work day! Please share you views in the comments. What method has worked for you to get rid of the extra lockdown weight? Have you even gained any weight? What is your Avo affirmation when the clothes start to shrink?

Thank you so much for popping in today! Have an awesome week ahead😘

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