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3 Things I’m going to miss about lockdown

Last week, I got an email from work. We headed back to normal-ish school yesterday and surprisingly, this was bittersweet news. Lockdown was more good than bad for me and there are a number of things I’m going to miss about being confined to my house.


While lockdown was in many ways a stressful time, it was also exciting. If you didn’t pick up a new skill or learn new ways of doing the same old thing, then you probably don’t feel like you took full advantage of this time. From late mornings during a work week to different kinds of adventures in little corners of the city, I’m going to miss re-imaginging my life and having much more time to unwind. I’m going to miss never needing to leave my space for work or for play and I’m going to miss the creativity this time enforced on us all.

No obligations

Be honest, how many times have you attended a party out of obligation and what you really wanted to do was stay at home and do your own thing? I know I have! Lockdown did away with this for me. In fact, lockdown really did away with many forced relationships whole we all grappled with this new normal.

Self care days.

Don’t let anyone fool you, every day is self care Sunday and lockdown made it so we could have more of these days than normal. Long baths with candles and soft music and a good book became a norm. I woke up for work when the sun is out- during winter. It was such a blessing not to feel tired and sleep deprived. I learned to self soothe because I didn’t have access to my people. My circle grew smaller and I’m grateful for that and I found that I had more time to do things that are important to me.

It’s a whole new world and I see it every day. But we are privileged enough to watch and enjoy how it unfolds! I’m looking forward to everything that is to come. Have a good week, dear readers!

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