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Social Dilemma

I  thought I had social media down. I was convinced that I wasn’t addicted and I could “stop whenever I wanted” ( I know, that’s exactly what addicts say!) Enter this documentary that everyone is recommending on Netflix. I was wrong. I’m a user! They have me right where they want me! Here’s are 3 things that I learned from watching this critically acclaimed documentary:

I care about likes.
We often try to front. ” I have a profile there, but I never post”, “uurgh, I don’t know anything about that platform, hey.” But if I’m honest with myself, I care about getting many likes – on any social media platform. It matters to me that my followers think I’m smart and funny and sexy and… worthy.

I go there when I am lonely or bored.

Social media is definitely my digital pacifier. Sometimes I use it to pass the time or when I feel detached from people and sometimes I snoop, trying to find things I’d rather not talk about here. I pick a digital rabbit hole: Whatsapps statuses or Timelines and I just keep scrolling and scrolling aimlessly. I remember often getting home from work and locking into my phone screen for up to half an hour after barely putting my things down. I’m not really looking at anything or for anything, but I can’t put my phone down and do something else that is engaging and more rewarding.

It’s not a tool

Nobody is trying to make social media less addictive! Do you realise that?! What started off as a means to connect us to old friends and family has now become a means to feed our insecurities, our fears and our need to be accepted. For all of social media’s usefulness, it is not a tool that waits in the corner for us to use. It seeks you out when you’ve been gone too long. It relies on your very addiction for it to keep going. That. Is. scary.

In a nutshell, this documentary really sobered me up and made me take a hard look at myself and what I use social media for. I’d like to to be less dependant on my phone, switch off notifications and put my phone in the other room for a few hours, because for all of social media’s tricks, we are ultimately responsible for what owns us and what does not.

Thank you so much for popping in today. I’ve become increasingly bad at being consistent, I apologise! Bare with me; I will do better. Have an amazing week everyone!

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