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3 things Kiki has taught me

This month, I made a huge financial decision. My sister named it Kiki. While I don’t like bragging about it, I would like to share what making such a big decision has taught me.

Do it scared

I put off this decision for a long time because I was afraid: of making the wrong decision, the implications, being conned and all kinds of realistic and unrealistic things that could happen if I did this. But Kiki taught me that you can’t let fear stop you from doing anything in life. In fact, fear is good. When you’re afraid, you check and double check every move you make. You are much more cautious than you are when there is no fear. I’ve also never prayed harder than when I was afraid or uncertain!

Do it alone

When I was a child, I assumed what we all do growing up: I’d get married and everything would be taken care of. I wouldn’t have to worry about finances, it would all take care of itself. Ha! Life taught me differently and I had to get in the arena and navigate my way through all things grown up. You can’t always wait for anyone else to come along side you. Sometimes you have to do it alone if you want to get it done. Luckily, as determined as I was to do it for myself, I quickly discovered that I have people in my corner who have helped me calculate the best options, who were my second set of eyes and people who just wanted to get excited for me! This decision is solely mine, but I had a lot of help and I had many supporters!

Do it slowly

Life is teaching me to be patient. Not necessarily for a long wait but in the short term as well. There is such a fine line between patience and being lackadaisical, but it’s ok to let things go for the night and re looking in the morning. Its ok to ask and ask again, just to be sure and it’s ok to strike while the iron is hot. Life will teach you how to live it if you live long enough.

I’m excited about what life is teaching me this year and in this season in my life. I like what I see when I look at my life and that’s what makes all the difference for this life.

Thank you for popping in and thank you for putting up with my silence lately! It’s been a weird year so I know you understand! Have a beautiful week😘

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