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3 Things I Love About My Sober Companion

Ok, now listen: everyone, and I mean everyone, needs a sober companion! Not because we are all addicts, not because we are necessarily broken but mostly because, in the same way that it takes a village to raise a child, it takes one to navigate this thing called life too!

Simply put, a sober companion comes alongside the addict and helps them to stay away from the addiction. A sober companion spends every waking moment with the addict and is as invested in the addict’s well being as if it is their own. You know what? Watch the show Elementary to see what this relationship really looks like. I’m gonna stay here and share with you 3 things I love about my sober companion.


There is no better feeling than knowing that you are not alone in this world; that someone out there is thinking of you, knows you deeply and is in your corner. In the absence of a romantic relationship which often serves this purpose, it is reassuring to know that such a relationship can still exist. Someone once said that sometimes friendship is so much more than what we call “more than friends”. And this is so true. A sober companionship allows for the same, if not a deeper intimacy without the messiness of romance. This allows for more safety than a romantic realtionship.

Keeps you on your toes

If no one you interact with challenges your thinking or makes you see things differently to how you would before they came around, you’re not getting the most out of your any of your relationships. It’s enriching to have a companion that doesn’t always agree with you and shows you aspects of the world and yourself that you never knew existed before.


Again, the absence of a romantic relationship often makes it difficult to have adventures. Yes, it’s ok to walk alone sometimes, but I believe we were created to walk together and to share experiences. Having a sober companion means having a partner for everything from sleepovers to parties to baecations! Cover companionships teach you how to share your life with another when you have grown to live your life only for yourself.

I hope you find it; your village, your companions, people in your corner. Its a big world out there and it would be a shame to walk that world on your own. Thank so much for popping in! Often my words are few but I hope you still love it here! Have a beautiful week😘

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