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Give me music that makes me cry on my worst day and smile on my best. Give me lyrics and harmonies and riffs and melodies that make me put it on repeat. Give me a song that makes me say, “Yes!” in aggrreement and “No!” because it hurts to remember. A song that reminds me there were better times,now is a better time and better times will come. Give me beauty and fun and love and intensity. That’s my kind of music. Give me music.

G-Strings, Love & War, music, Prose, Ramblings

When It’s Good 

 Something inside crumbles -no, melts. It starts in the middle and everything gets hazy and mushy. A really good song has its own personality.It’s in a guitar lick or a bass riff or a chord progression, that sweet sweet melody or velvet harmony. Music hits you with one of those – or all of them- and before you know it, you are savouring the taste it leaves in your mouth.

“The thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

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In case you were wondering, the G-string is the 4th string from the 1st string on the 6 string. The 6 string I’ve been plucking since my youth. The axe which turns my insides into goo. To know that these fingers can produce a metal melody. I love the rhythm and the blues and the notes that say the words that I myself cannot weave together as beautifully as these fingers do. I wish I was better at it, wish I could stretch my fingers further. I wish they were not this lax, this stuck in their ways. This old dog has new tricks to learn. Learnning takes time and practice and practise takes time. And progress is slow and small, but progress all the same. And so I must pluck and pluck and pluck some more. Until the progress is no longer so small.

G-Strings, music, Ramblings

House Keeping

I play a musical instrument and so I’ve had very little respect for other genres of music that had no guitar. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I in actual fact, had a very lazy and shallow ear.


My brother took me to a gig where a popular Dj was playing. I didn’t care for the music until I heard what sounded like electric guitar. A closer look revealed a live lead guitarist letting rip over the monotinous music!- my mind was blown and I spent the next year listening out for interesting riffs of all kinds in every song I heard. And so, my appreciation for house music was born.

I’m not familiar with the best House Djs or house music – I am but an infant- but I do enjoy a mixtape that I can get lost in while I get through the mundane chores of the day or try to focus when there are piles and piles of marking to get through – teacherproblems. House music has often created a parallel universe where there is no sense of time or place -my memory bank – and every few minutes a riff arises that draws my attention from what I am doing to listen closely.

I may not know how to truly appreciate this genre of music, but this is a start.So I want to know from you, dear world: how does one listen to House music? Is it the riffs, the tempo, the lyrics ( where applicable) or is it just fun to dance to? I’d love to hear from you!

G-Strings, Love & War, Prose, Ramblings

Her Lion

She loves a man who knows how to take what he wants. She likes him unapologetic about it and she likes him not to ask for permission to have it. He walks in through the door,sees it and ceases it. “I wanted to call you”? But you didn’t, “When can I see you”? How about you just show up?

You see, she spends all day granting permission; for debit orders to go off, for teenagers to go to the bathroom straight after recess, what she will eat for dinner, whether she should get cable TV or wifi. Her mind is exhausted from all the decisons.


But he, he takes charge, he is bold, he squares his shoulders and clenches his jaw; he is not afraid. He is her lion…