Look for You

Everywhere, I look for you.

In devotionals and bible verses and beautifully written lyrics, I look for you.

I look for you in music and melodies, in the beat, I look for you.

I look for you in venues and people, in well-cooked meals, I look for you.

I look for you in statuses and views, likes and blocks, I look for you.

Everywhere, in everything, I look for you.


My Stupid Mouth

My favourite thing about John Mayer is his ability to explain situations in a simple yet profound way, a way that explains quite perfectly how I feel and where I’ve been. Here’s an example:

I’m never speaking up again it only hurts me.

I’d rather be a mystery than she dessert me

Oh, I’m never speaking up again

Starting now…

 One more thing!

Why is it my fault?

So maybe I try too hard

But it’s all because of this desire

I just wanna be liked

Just wanna be funny

Looks like the joke’s on me…

You see? Perfect perfect explanation…

Paradise Circus

What a paradox! Paradise is the place to be, but this Utopia is chaotic! Should paradise be organised? Should there be peace there? Or is all this anxiety part and parcel of the heaven that comes with being with you? Sigh, Why are we so fixated with how it should be? How many people have what should be had and are dead inside? Is being alive synonymous with this knot in my belly? Circus more than Paradise is what I think!