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Zoo Lake Bowling Club

Happy Sunday, dear readers! I hope you’ve had a good weekend! I certainly have!So yesterday, my friend Kelly had a combined birthday celebration at Zoo Lake Bowling club – not to be mistaken for the Zoo Lake Sports Club as I did!Because it was a joint celebration, we tried a senior citizen sport – bowls. It was the first time in a long time that I felt like I was too young for an activity, which felt good, but bowls is not an easy sport to play! It requires precision and accuracy that only the senior citizens can master!All in all, everyone had a good time! If you like good food, good drinks and a fun activity, this is the place for you! It seems like this place keeps going because of a loyal clientele that enjoys chilled vibes so it’s definitely one to try out!Anyway, Kelly, I hope you had a fantastic day out celebrating another year on earth! You are the coolest!

Thank you so much for popping in, dear readers! Have a good week ahead😘

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Hotel California

Happy Sunday erbody!

It’s been such a crazy weekend, but I enjoyed it a lot! it was my birthday afterall! I have to share with you about this place I visited on Friday night!

Illyria House is a bed and breakfast on a hilltop overlooking the Pretoria CBD. There is no view, however. The tall trees cocoon us in, making it feel like you are far away from civilisation.

My friend decided a night away with a full body massage would be the perfect birthday present for me.

The entrance is inviting and opens up like a grand entrance to something magical but inside is nothing but antiques on. The owner of the place sits and paints all day while she welcomes her guests to the place.

A water feature just outside drowns out the sound of traffic and I knew that this was the kind of seclusion I needed.

I had a great night there, but couldn’t shake the “Hotel California” feeling after a while. You know what I mean: it’s a lovely place but your feel trapped, almost like once you arrive, you can’t leave again!

If you want to get away for a night, this is definitely the place for you! They also have facilities for massages which we had the next day. It was really nice to get out for 24 hours but I must say, I loved coming home at the end of our stay!

So guys! Really, try this place out, but not for too long! It’s nice to get away from the city without the tedious travelling.

I hope that you have a safe haven to escape to when life gets a little overwhelming. And I hope you that you love your life enough to return to it!

Have a fabulous week! I have another review for you for Wednesday so keep your eyes on the ground!

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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you had a restful weekend!

Before patriarchal colonialism ruined matriarchal communities, women connected to support each other and offer a place of emotional rest. Fast forward to 2019 and my girls and I brought this ancient practice back to a morden-ish day setting.

Imagine a house in the middle of the bushes with only the sound a stream ripple on the rocks and light chatter in the background. Utopia, am I right?!


It’s been so good to get away for the last 24 hours. We had no electricity, but what a blessing to switch my cellphone off and be present in the moment and reconnect with my people!

My People

Guys, please make sure that you have people in your life that you can be completely yourself with! These ladies breathe life into me and it was such a blessing to be with them during this time! I love you, guys!

It’s highly recommended to take a break from life from time to time in order to regroup.I’m so ready for the week ahead! I feel revitalised and reenergised for whatever life has for me!

Have an awesome week, dear reader! Take this bull by the horns and conquer it! We’ll chat soon😘

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34 Things I Learned in 34 Years – Part 5

Happy Sunday, dear readers!

The big day is in 1 week! I love my birthday month! I love celebrating with the other babies born in this month and of course celebrating my own birthday… Anyway! It’s not here yet! The Birthday Series continues in the meantime!

Whether you Think it or Not. You’re Right.

Sade says it best: You’re so much better than you know! Stop doubting yourself so much and just take the leap! Do the thing that scares you and you will find that you will do better than you believed! Trust me!

Silence is Good

I’ve always thought of myself as an extrovert. I love being around all kinds of people. It’s my favourite thing about being a teacher! But man, nothing beats coming home after a night out or a full day of kids to silence! For about an hour, when I get home, I wonder around the house in silence. It. Is. Bliss! It’s so good for regrouping and relaxing! Seriously! Try it!

Let it go

We experience way too much pain not because we have been hurt, but because we don’t let go of the hurtful experience. We nurse that pain and wallow in it! Cry, if you must but get back up and keep moving, dear one!

Keep a Variety of Friends

I love the variety of friends I have. Different people from different walks of life make for a much more colour world! Keep all your different wierdo friends close!

Own Your Throne

This is your life. This life right here and right now. It’s important to own it, possess it, it is yours! Once you do that, you enjoy every simple moment more than before. There is always something good to find in this life. Always. Believe me!

I hope you enjoyed the penultimate post, erbody!

Before I go, I’d like to take a moment to wish this ☝ beautiful, vibrant woman a very Happy Birthday! Thuli, I think you’re so amazing and I’m glad I have you in my life! Have a beautiful day, my love!

Ok, I’m done for real! I’ll see you guys tomorrow! I hope you are having a great weekend😘

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34 Lessons in 34 Years – Part 3

Happy Saturday, dear readers!

We’ve hit the halfway mark for this series which means my birthday is 3 weeks away! I’m a Gemini and every year without fail, I get excited for the day of my birth! I think it’s a Gemini thing because I’ve been watching a few of my fellow Geminis count down to their big days! We always expect something so exciting even though often nothing really riveting ends up happening! Maybe one day! Anyway, the 34 lessons continue! Enjoy!


Accept the good

There are so many heartbreaking things happening in the world, in big ways, and in small ways. Someone out there is crying over a man who has broken her heart while another, in the same world, is grieving the loss of a loved one. It is said that the bad that we experience help us to enjoy the good that comes before, during and after the bad. I’ve learned, especially over the past year, to see and accept the goodness in every bad situation. An ended relationship could open you up to a better one in the future or maybe you will be happiest without that person. A loss of a loved one could be the end of their suffering. It is always good in every bad situation. You may need to search extra hard for that reason sometimes, but believe me, there is always something good!

Sleep is important

Remember back when we could go out until 3 am and be up for classes at 7 am? I miss those days, but they are gone! In order for me to be fully functional at work during the week, I’ve had to put extra emphasis on the amount of sleep I get every night! Most of the self-help tips I look for lately are on how to sleep better! I am a much less grumpy person during the day if I am well rested!

Surround yourself with people who love you

I spent a lot of my 20s trying to please people and convincing myself that the encounters I had were all meaningful. Sometimes you will meet people one time, connect with them and never see them again. Sometimes people will be in your life for an extended period of time before you float away from each other. It happens. People come and go and the only thing you can do is let them and hope that the ones who truly treasure you and are truly meant for you will stay just a little bit longer…

Piece of mind trumps everything

My mom says she left my dad over 30 years ago for her own peace of mind and I never understood it until recently. It doesn’t matter what you think your life lacks. To be honest, I won’t die without a life partner or more money in my bank account, but the absence of peace has taken away the joy of the very breath that goes in and comes out of my lungs! And so that is what I strive for now. I try to take away everything in my life that hinders that peace and ability to, at the very least, function from day to day.

It’s OK to say no

I’ve spent a great deal of my life being agreeable, and more often than not, I end up regretting my decision afterward or being hurt in the process of pleasing others. I literally feel guilty the minute I say no to an offer or request and want to make it right by explaining it. No more. There is nothing wrong with putting your needs first sometimes.


Stay in your lane

I can remember the saddest days of my life being those days when I compared myself to other people. I catch myself wondering when my wedding day will be as I watch my friend’s exchange vows, I wonder how my wealthier friends get their finances right, sometimes I wish I was like my colleague who loves being single and while she would like to have a partner, she is perfectly happy on her own. If only I could be like them: happy and content! But I can be so, as long as I focus on my own life and try not to mimic those around me so much! I want to see my own simple life as beautiful too!

Well that’s all from me! Have an awesome weekend! Thanks for popping in😘

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34 Lessons I Learned in 34 Years – Part 1

Hey, everyone! As promised, I bring you the first of six installments of The Birthday Series!

Life will often teach you lessons that you either grew up believing or lessons you we taught as a child. Today is just 6 lessons that turned my belief system upside down:

Stay in your lane

This is becoming more and more important the older I get. When we were younger, we compared our lives with other kids’ lives. This has escalated as we have grown older. For me, staying in my lane involves seeing the good (and sometimes the bad) in my own life and accepting it. There are plenty of people out there who have what I wish they had and they are miserable with it! Staying in your lane requires you to keep your own pace. You will get there eventually.The tortoise got to the finish line before the hare after all.

God goes before you

God, or whatever higher power you may believe in, reveals Himself in different ways. He shows you that he has your back through different mediums, be it people or events. For me, I’ve seen God’s hand in the way aspects of my life have just fallen into place as though someone else arranged them for me long before I arrived. I usually know at that moment, without a shadow of a doubt that this was meant for me!

Some stones should be left unturned

Sometimes being restricted as a teenager makes us rebellious when we are older. As soon as we smell independance, we want to try everything! Even things that are not good for us, just for the experience. I can think of a number of things I wish I had never tried for the sake of the experience because they were to my detriment . It’s really ok to live without having experienced certain things. You are really better for it!

Women are the stronger sex

I was raised by an extremely strong woman who gave me everything I needed. Looking back on my life, it is mere luxuries that I lived without. But this is not really where I saw the true strength of a woman. I grew up believing that I would marry and my life would be better for it. My husband would be a man of God who was financially savvy, he would save me we would live a comfortable life with me always acting out my gratitude for being chosen! It was really me who would be lucky to have him! In my observations of relationships as an adult, though, I have seen that women actually carry the emotional strength and cunningness needed to thrive in this world. A family with a strong wife and mother is a thriving family because she truly carries everyone and herself. Men who understand this choose good women and are better for it.

Just be yourself

There are billions of people in the world, guys! It is not possible that absolutely no one in this world will not see goodness in you! It’s so much better and easier to find people who appreciate you when you are just being yourself. You do not work for their affection, you do not fight in order to keep them, they just stay!

Forget everyone else and do what makes you happy

I spent a great deal of my life pleasing everyone around me, doing the right thing and often being miserable for it while I watched other kids carry on as they pleased and being happy and getting what they wanted! No matter what your choices are in life, they impact you the most. Never put yourself in difficult situations for the comfort of other people!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pearls of wisdom and, of course, some snaps of a younger me! As you can see, I haven’t changed much since my 20s!

Thank you for popping in! Have a good day 😘

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Solo Adventures

Happy Sunday, erbody! I’m still reporting from the Mother City, Cape Town, South Africa! It’s been a good few days over here! I’ve really needed this time away to remind myself that the world is bigger than my matchbox world!I love going on little adventures where I live and on the other hand, I’ve heard some awesome things about traveling alone, but I’ll be honest, it scares me! There’s the safety factor, of course, because, I’m amazing! What if they steal me and I can never go home?! But also, the insecurity of what one does on trips and if those things are actually interesting enough or explorative enough. Like, what would I actually do in a city I have never visited before where there is no one I actually know? And so, I have found comfort in traveling to visit friends as opposed to visiting places and my itinerary has depended heavily on my host’s ideas of fun things to do in that area: a cop-out, I know!Amber, my very good friend with whom I am staying in Cape Town, would not have it! Well, mostly because she is not on holiday and still has to drive her kids to school and back again and go to work herself, but still, because she is an explorer when she travels, she has been nudging me in that direction too during my stay here! And so, if she was in the city, I was left to explore the streets, markets and parks in the area – by myself!Luckily for me, she is not confined to just one office all day every day so I got to see different sides of the city while I was here. From a very foggy Kalk Bay where I caught some fresh salty and fishy air, to downtown Cape Town with its stalls, historical buildings, and squirrels for good measure!Amber really pushed me to do my own thing. These last few days, I have found myself wandering around on my own, eating on my own, exploring on my own. I could only really take pictures of scenic views. I asked a complete stranger to take a picture of me once and… well the above image was what he produced😂I had every intention of traveling to an unknown destination this year and I opted for this option instead. But I think it was still a very helpful one because it helped me to gain confidence in solo traveling under the guidance of someone who does it well! It was uncomfortable and lonely at times, but no good change is without its initial discomfort, right?So I think I’m ready for solo travel, guys! I even think I look forward to it now that I’ve learned how it’s done😊So what do you like to do when you travel on your own? I would love to hear from you! Thank you so much for popping in! Have a fantastic week, erbody😘