Blessings in Disguise

Hello everybody!

I hope you have had a good week so far! Thank you for popping by today.

I’m experiencing a loss at the moment so it has been a bit rough. I am relieved that the worst of it is over though, so I know that it will only get better moving forward.

I got a bit of a mouthful from my friends about the way I choose to deal with it. I don’t like being a burden to people nor do I like whining about the same thing over and over. I also often feel like my own struggles are not nearly as big as other people’s struggles and so I bottle everything up inside and try to cope on my own.

So keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flows the spring of life – Proverbs 4:23

Never take issues of the heart lightly. A blitz of the heart impacts the rest of your life so if your heart breaks, it poisons everything else in your life. No heartbreak is too trivial or insignificant when it affects your heart. No problem is too small. It all matters if it matters to you! And that is why it is so important to guard your heart! This is a lesson for me.

Be prepared, whether the time is favourable or not – 2 Tim 4:2

While it’s difficult to stay prepared all the time, it is important to stay equipped with what you need in order to deal with whatever may come whenever it comes. The first blow will knock you off your feet but always bear in mind that you are strong enough to pick yourself back up again. For now, that is as prepared as I can be for what life has in store for me.

Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout, is a beautiful woman without discretion – Proverbs 11:22

This one speaks for itself. I can be worth a million bucks but if I am not wise in the decisions I make, that beauty is wasted. I think I’ve wasted my value enough for a lifetime and I want to move forward making much better decisions for myself in the future!

Despite the obstacles we come across, remember that the future can be better than the past. I’m looking forward to a much stronger and beautiful to me!

Thank you so much for visiting! Have a beautiful week ahead, everyone and try to see the blessings life shows you even in the trying times😊


Colour Impact

Happy Sunday everybody! I hope you are well and rested and ready for the week ahead, I sure am🙂

Work has been really hectic this year but I’m grateful to be doing what I love every day and coming home tired but very fulfilled! Are you in my shoes?

So one thing is for sure about my work: there are never enough hours to get through everything that needs to be done! I just commit to giving my best every day and hope for the best.

My colleague hooked me up with this super cool colouring desk pad which has proven to help me in those moments when I feel especially overwhelmed. I take a few minutes each day and I colour, even if it’s just a few leaves.

When I first started, I thought my ‘work of art’ was awful! Despite the splashes of colour, it lacked beauty and creativity to me. I would quickly stop and get back to work because there was so much to do but also because I didn’t like what I was doing. But when I looked at the bigger picture later, I realised that even I was capable of making something beautiful.

My job also requires me to coach netball. In my first year of coaching, I had a learner that was truly something special on the court! Sometimes kids excel not because of us but because they are amazing. This learner went on to accomplish great things, making provincial and national teams. Yesterday, 4 years later, she won the most prestigious award for her sporting achievements. I was so proud of her! She told me that I played a huge role in her accomplishments. Apparently, I asked her to try the goal attack position 4 years ago and this has resulted in her earning many awards as the top goal scorer in the years that followed. She made me realise that I did that! I triggered her excellence when I had no idea what I was doing as a coach and had no idea the impact it would have on her life.

Maybe life is the same way. Maybe we focus so much on the details of our lives that we don’t notice the beauty we are making every day, and how the bigger picture is even more beautiful.

So I guess the moral of the story is to continue to colour our world. We don’t realise it, but we have an impact on people’s lives. It’s important to take time to sit back and admire the pieces we are putting together and to realise that it is a thing of beauty!

Thank you so much for popping in. It’s always such a pleasure to have you here! Have a beautiful week ahead and don’t give up on your life 😘

Eat Out – Parea

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’ve had an awesome weekend!

Let’s get right into it! My village people decided to reawaken The Eat Out Club, because, what’s not to love about it?! Check out the last spot we tried out!

The Spot

Parea is a greek restaurant at Illovo Junction in Johannesburg. It looks squashed from the outside but opens up into a spacious indoor and patio area on the inside. They even have belly dancing ladies complete with plate breaking once a week! Whoppa!

The Service

I found our waitress very helpful. She answered whatever questions we had about the menu with no trouble! The management was always visible and helpful too!

The Favourites

It’s tough to decide what you want to eat at any restaurant, so my friend Stacey ordered some starters to share with her Justin which gave her a chance to try as many dishes as possible! They have a great selection of seafood which we all enjoyed! Their chips are made exactly they way I like them: big chunks that very clearly come for potatoes! They also have jugs of sangeria perfect for a table of up to 7 people!

So this is definitely the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a good vibe and great food and drink!

We’ve also decided to evolve the Eat Out to Dine in, depending on the person chosen to pick the next spot! It’s gonna be an awesome year, guys!

Thank you so much for popping in! It’s always a pleasure to have you! Have a beautiful week ahead😘


Hey erbody! It’s Sunday! One of my favourite days, partly because I get to catch up with you guys! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Today, I wanted to tell you about my new dress, but I’m going to save it for Wednesday. I have something else in mind for today and it has been bothering me for a long time and I neeeeed to get it off my chest!

So, I’ve been working out for a few years now. And I’ve watched my body plateau over the last few months. So I’ve been killing myself to get back on track. But the more I tried, the more I backslid. It’s been rough!

I developed this obsession with my body. But in pursual of that body, it lead to negative thoughts about my body as it is. And that’s where I almost spiraled. I spent the last few months in a great deal of frustration. Trying to control my diet and how my body was sculpted. This resulted in binge eating and skipping gym sometimes.

I started to hate what my body looked like. That’s when I realised I was in trouble. I needed to take a step back and realise that I wasn’t being good to myself.

I hope that you never hate your body. I hope you love yourself more than others. Because trying to lose weight should never lead you to dislike yourself now.

I hope you were encouraged by that. I Hope you realise how worthy you are!

Thank you for popping in! Have a great week😘

Summer Jam

Happy Wednesday erbody! I hope this week has been good to you! My first MC gig went very well! I had so much fun and look forward to doing it again! Today was the first day of school with all the students there. It was a pretty smooth day considering🤔

It’s still summer over in South Africa even though we are all back at work. While we can’t enjoy a time of rest and long lazy days doing nothing, we still have the heat, afternoon thunderstorms (in Johannesburg) and summer music that reminds us of a summer gone by!

Today, I’d like to share my favourite jam at the moment. I have my ex to thank for my appreciation for house music. He used to compile and release mixtapes of house and African music and because I was being supportive, I would download these mixtapes and listen to them intently. SMH, the things we do for love are so silly sometimes, lol! We have since parted ways, but my appreciation for this genre of music has remained!

I love Black Coffee sooo much, guys! Not only does he put together great music and is world renowned, he has not forgotten his homeland. He has perfected the balance of working overseas with big names and coming home to do small gigs in smaller cities. I have a great deal of respect for his work ethic!

I enjoyed this jam for it’s lyrical offering. The words are very engaging speaking of a love the writer is trying to escape and is finding difficulty to do so. Also, Delilah Montagu’s vocal delivery is amazing! I love a smooth husky voice on any track! In this life or the next, I would love to be a vocal sensation like her on a house track, so if you know a guy that can hook me me up, then please, let a girl know!

Thank so much for popping in! It’s always a pleasure to have you here. I’d love to hear what your favourite jams are at the moment so please comment below and share the music! Have a great week😘

Adult Drama

Hey Everyone! Happy Sunday! I head back to work tomorrow and I’m quite excited to get back to a normal rhythm. While taking a break is necessary for rebooting, all good things need to come to an end!

Today, I’m going to be a bit of a Negative Nancy and complain a lot! But I will do so in memes because they say to survive this adulting thing, one has to have one’s humour firmly intact!


These are the crazy ramblings of a sleep deprived anxious and frustrated Nubian Queen.

Where do I even start?! There are so many little things that are causing me frustration! And all these little things are kind of tied up to each other making this massive, intangled stressball! It is a mess!!!

There is a rat in my house! It found its way under my front door or through it one day when I left it open on a hot summer’s day! I don’t know! But it found a hole in my built in cupboard and now lives with me! It leaves me alone during the day but starts scratching around at night! I have resorted to cowaring away in my bedroom as soon as the sun sets because as independant a woman as I am, I was not built to go head to head with a rat! I don’t care, feminists, but that is a man’s job!

So because of this damn rat, I am a prisoner in my own home. I am in my bedroom from as early as 8pm. I fall asleep only after 10 and any time from 1am, I am awake again!! Wide awake, guys! I lie there, contemplating whether I should raid my fridge or do some reading in the lounge until I’m sleepy again ( the internet says this helps). But I can’t because there is no cat so the rat must play! This stupid roommate who has imposed himself on me has now messed with my sleep and is hindering my midnight snacking too!

There is a part of me that wants to move out to a rat free aboad. Just imagine: moving around in my living room, free of fear of rodents! But everywhere I look is more expensive with added costs on top of that aaaaaand, there is something I am reluctant to leave behind here in this street (don’t make me unpack that can of worms!) Aaaaand society says that at my age, I should be buying property and not still renting! Aaargh!

At this point, it is 2:30am. I am resigned to die of hunger and am convinced I am a dissappointment as a functioning adult according to the the standards of the world. I have managed to reduce myself to a 33 year old barren spinister who is a prisoner in a matchbox flat that she doesn’t even own with a roomate she didn’t even ask for!

So the solution, I think… I don’t know! When did adulting get so complicated? How many levels to this horrific game are there? I feel like I’m stuck at level 2 and suddenly I’m second guessing all my decisions and all the ways I think are the best way forward. I think I need someone to come into my life, make all the difficult decisions for me, set me up nicely and then leave again and let me step back in because this is beyond me!

So this is adulting, kids! It is a whirlwind of emotions, loss of control and self doubt at worst! The best we can do for ourselves is to make small decisions at a time and go from there. This life thing is, after all, a marathon and not a sprint.

Thank you for reading my petty drama! It’s always a pleasure to have you here🙂 have a fantastic week ahead! We’ll chat on Wednesday😘

Master of Ceremony

Hey Everyone!

I hope the week is treating you well! I’m still enjoying the last bit of the holiday before I get back to work on Monday! I love my work so this is not something I dread 🙂

So, a few days ago, my friend, who got married in Australia last year, is doing part 2 this weekend with her South African family and friends, asked me to MC at the wedding😳 I have never, in my life MCd anything accept maybe my lessons (but that doesn’t count does it?) so this request was quite daunting!

“Don’t worry, you’ll be great, my friend!” Well, that won me over! I mean, if my very good friend trusts me enough to put me in this position, why can’t I just believe in myself too?

So wish me luck! I’ll give it my best shot and the guests will be mostly excited about the bride and groom more than me, right?! Besides, I don’t remember the MCs at weddings I’ve attended before!

Thank you so much for popping in today! Have a beautiful day and we’ll talk on Sunday😘