“I want to be a better writer. Help me,” She pleaded. She wanted her words to touch someone. She wanted someone to connect with her ramblings.

The best advice she gave was no different to words of wisdom for the walk of life. “Keep writing… reading also helps with that.” 

And so she must keep scribbling on the page as best she can. Keep turning the page until the ink dries and soon, they will connect…


I have notebooks everywhere. Loose pieces of paper next to the bed, on the kitchen counter, in the bookshelves, inside drawers, all of them, pleading for my handwriting. They are begging for my ink to bleed on them. “Write anything!” They implore. And so, I try. I use the booklet on the counter at the front door for shopping lists. The journals next to my bed, one is for bible verses and lessons, another I use for workouts and to measure my thighs. I use some for to do lists.

There are pages and pages and pages but not enough words to fill them all…


I always say you’re as old as you feel. Not that I promote being in denial about your age. If anyone asks me how old I am, I tell them I’m 31 because that is what I am: 31. I don’t believe that’s old nor do I believe it’s young, I believe it’s my age.

No matter how firmly you believe in something, someone or something always comes along and either rocks your belief boat a little bit or straight up dismantles it! She’s a 21 year old gym instructor and I heard her say, “Oh my gosh, he’s 32! He’s a blesser!” Sidebar: A Blesser, for my non South African readers, is an older man that dates and spends money on much younger women- a sugar daddy, if you will.

When I heard this declaration, I felt old for the first time since I started owning my age. I’m past my prime! I might as well book myself at a retirement home! Drama, drama, drama!

Those thoughts lasted all of  5 minutes. I’m ok now!




I think it will be a sad day when Valentine’s day becomes a day to ignore. I think love is a beautiful thing and comes in all forms and sizes, all of which leave our hearts full. Being without a romantic love just gives us space to appreciate the love we get from all other spheres of life, including ourselves. I liked some of the following ideas from the Longevity Book , a body of work Cameron Diaz is part of, and thought I would share them with you. Happy Valentine’s day, everyone 🙂



I Fluctuate

I’m geared up and ready to conquer. My to do list is ready, gym bag is packed, outfit ironed -I’m ready! I’m too tired, my mind like mush, body unwilling. I crawl into bed, fetal position, I’m tapping out and it’s only Monday! I guess I’m not consistent. I guess I give up way too often and maybe too easily. But I get back up. I give it another try and I get back up. I fluctuate and you know what? It’s ok to fluctuate…

Homeland Problems

Nobody puts Baby in a corner. The corner is small, it’s restricting.  Things that have no place anywhere else, they are put in a corner-things that don’t belong, things that are not… welcome -things, not people. Corners are out of sight rendering things out of mind -forgotten, unwanted. And fittingly so when all you brought to the proverbial inn is a suitcase, like you did last year and the year before and the year before.Why give you more space, really? The corner we have provided will just have to do, sister. I don’t know why you’re complaining, daughter. You’re home, aren’t you?