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I don’t know if it’s the hours spent walking aimlessly around a room full of stressed students or if it’s the year drawing to an end, but this is my life right now! It seems like there is plenty of time but time is such a tricky thing.

While I pace up and down the isles, I think about all that lies ahead; in the next few hours, the next few weeks, the next few months.

Have you accomplished everything you strived to this year? Does it feel like it’s enough? It never really does, if you ask me. But being content is key. The balance between knowing that there is still time to make changes, to make a U-turn and try a different route. There is still time for new adventures and new challenges. But also knowing that tomorrow is not promised and one must make the best of what is here and now.

Invigilation is the overthinker’s playground; it is my playground.

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I Got Nothing

I got nothing.

Nothing but well wishes.

Love, Light,

Rain to water your garden and to cleanse you of the dirt;

Sunshine to bask in.

I got nothing but hope for you.

Hope for productivity, purpose, vision, drive for all the grind that lies ahead.

I got nothing but positivity for you in the week ahead! Go get it!

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Anonymous: Dream Sellers

Surprise! Due to adulting, I missed last month’s anonymous post! I’m sorry, but I’m making up for it! Enjoy this month’s edition!
Fellow readers, may I take you on a journey? As a little girl, I was constantly warned of dream sellers. At such a tender age, I was very unfamiliar with the term. I didn’t bother to ask further questions because, in my head I had sworn I’d never come across any. As time passed and I grew older, the term began to unravel itself to me. This occurred through a series of events and a number of people. The different people I came across sold all sorts of dreams, sometimes the smallest dream that was sold had the biggest impact.
A dream seller is a person who “sells” a dream of them not being who they really are. They say whatever they can to make others believe they are better off than they really are. They tell people what they want to hear. They sell a dream of being someone else’s view. At some point, we all have a dream seller in us. But you can’t be a full blown dream seller unless your case is extremely bad to the point of leading a double life. The term was coined by Brandon Novak. There’s also a book about his addiction with this title. Now that has been explained, we can move forward.
You see, the thing about dream sellers is that not only do they affect your perspective on life, they instill in you a bundle of false hopes. The intention of a dream seller is meant to manipulate the mind of an independent individual, the benefits arise in the long term. Dream sellers are aware that placing an idea in one’s mind gives power to distract one from their true path.
The intention of today’s post was to awaken those who have been put to sleep by dream sellers. The people who have lost their independence, motivation and sight of their own goals. Dream sellers have one purpose and that is to bring a great individual to a point of self doubt and false expectations, a dream seller is toxic and never tells the truth.
Stop waiting for the world to make you happy or for someone to come into your life and promise you the world. Start taking initiative of your own goals and climbing your own ladder of success. Take your own path & journey to self. Stop depending on dream sellers & start focusing on making your own dreams a reality.

If you have a dream seller story, feel free to share in the comments.


Thank you so much for popping in! have a beautiful day😘

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34 things I Learned in 34 Years – Part 6

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday!

It’s my birthday! It’s finally here! Thank you so much for staying on this 6-week journey with me! It’s been great to be able to share what I’ve learned in my life so far and I look forward to what lies ahead! Here are the last few pearls to end off this amazing series!

Don’t think about it. Jump in and get it done!

I have a tendency of putting off the things I don’t feel like doing. The more I put them off, the bigger and more difficult they seem and the more I put them off! The trick is to start without thinking about it. I’ve been able to get things done much faster this way

It’s going to work out

I’m surprised at the difficulties I’ve survived. In the moment, it feels like I will never come out of the abyss, but I soon find that things work out. At worst, you learn to smile again and at best, you get exactly what you wanted! Either way, it works out for the best!

Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same

Doing the right thing is never easy, and nobody tells you that it seldom feels good either. But it is still the right thing to do and in the long run, you will be better for it.

You’re stronger than you think

Don’t ever underestimate yourself! You are strong and capable. Don’t look at that obstacle and think that you can’t overcome it; you really can conquer! You’ve got this!

Life is fun

Learn to put the crappy things aside once in a while and enjoy what life has to offer. There’s a lot of bad things in the world, but an equal amount of good as well! Focus on that! Order a gigantic pizza and eat it all if that’s your kind of thing! Kick off your pants and dance your butt off! It doesn’t have to be anything big. That one little thing can do wonders to lift your spirits!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I have! I may not be around on Saturdays until the next series I cook up, but you can still catch me on Sundays and Wednesdays for all my trivia!

I’m off to play with my friends! I’ll chat to you tomorrow! Thanks for popping in😘

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Sleep Sounds

Happy Sunday my Friendlies! I’ve had such a hectic weekend. I’m gonna need a weekend of doing nothing very soon!If you struggle to sleep like I sometimes do, then you’re gonna love what I’m sharing today!On nights when sleep alludes me, I find the Sleep Sound app so helpful! You can choose soothing sounds that help you to fall asleep and even add other sounds to it to enhance the experience.I generally just need something to lull me to sleep and not wake me up again during the night so I don’t need the Sleep Sounds to go for long. I usually set it for an hour although I really only need about 10 minutes before I’m in dreamland. I’d definitely recommend this app. Adulting is difficult enough, no one needs to go through it sleep deprived too so give it a try!Please share with us what you do to help you sleep better at night. I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for popping in! Have an awesome week😘

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Game of Thrones: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Happy Wednesday erbody!

It’s been a good week for me! I’ve been back at the gym after slacking a lot and I’m also feeling more focused than I’ve been in a while at work! In short, I feel more like myself this week and I’m so glad😊

If you didn’t know this about me, then let me lay out the cards: I love watching series! If there’s anything I’m grateful for about this new age of streaming and instant gratification, it’s being able to binge watch my favourite series! Today, I wanna talk about some of the things I liked and disliked about Game of Thrones seeing as everyone is talking (actually mostly complaining) about the final season.

Daenerys’  Downward Spiral

Danny was definitely one of my favourite characters to watch for since season one! Her strength and her unwavering faith in herself was an incredible sight to see. Believing in herself truly paid off too, because she fulfilled what she said about herself every time! Talk about speaking things into existence! It truly broke my heart to watch her spin out of control so quickly in the final season. She deserved so much more after the work she put in over the years! But this is how I choose to remember her though:

Jamie is Trash!

Guys, Jamie will go down in my history books as the player who deflowered a woman who loved him against her better judgement for years! This man chose his sister over her, time and time again. He eventually gives the warrior woman a second look only to leave her the very next day to die with – wait for it- his sister! Trash trash trash!

Brienne and Tormund Forever!

For no other reason than the hopeless romantic in me, It really bothered me that Tormund spent all that time gawking at Brienne to no avail! Brienne did completely ignored a perfectly beautiful red man who couldn’t hide how in awe he was of her and kept her eyes fixed on this other trash guy! Love is truly blind deaf and dumb, you know! She should have just cuffed him instead of saving herself for that silly Jamie! I do hope Tormund finds happiness, though!

Nothing Lasts

This may be because I like to say goodbye quickly and painlessly without dragging things out (aargh!!) but I was mildly annoyed about the majority’s reaction to the how everything was tied up at the end of GOT. I understand that we had been following this epic drama for 7 seasons and waited 2 years for the final season, but I’ve also been bidding farewell to The Big Bang Theory which ended last Thursday and I realised that elaborating certain storylines at the end of the show really just drags out the farewell. Yes, we are sad to say goodbye but everything must come to an end and most times we are left confused and without the answers we expected or wanted. That’s how the cookie crumbles. Some of the stories that people say were left unexplained would have dragged out the goodbye, to be honest, and it was probably best to leave us hanging!

Climax or Nah?

I don’t know if this is a good, bad or ugly thing, but this season really peaked in episode 3! Those white walkers seemed impossible to defeat and Aryria, the most unlikely hero did it! I was ready to hand her that iron throne myself at the end of that episode! For me, the season could have ended right there!

The Starks were Avenged

I don’t know why everyone is so angry about Brandon getting the throne! Remember what happened to Ned? His wife? His eldest son? No matter how you slice it, the Starks are avenged in the end! This boy’s move along with the north declaring independence hands down fixes everything this family went through! There’s your happy ending! And you all have to admit: no one saw Brandon being the king coming. That was a huge surprise!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t regret a single episode of this last season. Sure, it wasn’t always perfect and I desperately want to know where the dragon carried Dany to after her death, but we kept watching right until the end, didn’t we?! They really had us!

Thank you so much for sticking this post out! I know I went on for longer than usual today, but believe me, I cut it short! Have an awesome week and I’ll sneak into your inbox again soon😘