3 Things Teachers Do when on Holiday

It’s that time of the week everyone! I hope your week is going well! My long awaited end of term is finally here and I have had the privilege of turning my alarm clock off and be woken up by the light of day!

I’ve been struggling with this question since I went into teaching: exactly what do teachers do during their holidays? I’ve always felt the obligation to explain that 3 or 4 breaks in the year are not only deserved but are also necessary to avoid burn out. Yes, everyone burns out and needs a break, but the difference with us is that we can’t just close the classroom door and do work on our own during the day. I have about 2 periods off in a day and while I would love to catch up on work, other things often come up so admin often happens when I get home after a long day and I’m not always in the mood to work! And so an extended holiday becomes necessary for the following reasons:


Probably the biggest challenge for a teacher is balancing class time with all the admin that comes as a result of class time. Holiday time is the perfect opportunity to regroup, to plan for the following term and also to mark assessments under much less pressure. I, for example, have a pack of essays to mark during my break. I also have to put together a term schedule for next term which involves finding or making worksheets, reading set works and dividing them into the weeks that lay ahead. I also need to put together a schedule for project-based learning as well as critical thinking day that will be happening next term. All this work will take up at least 5 days of my holiday!


Of course one has to carve out a little time to switch off and recuperate after such a long term! It’s important! Most teachers who can afford to go away and have an actual holiday! Rest time for me is also allowing time to catch up with friends so there is always an array of breakfasts and dinners and lunches with friends I don’t have the time to see during the term. My favorite thing to do is also going to the gym at other times of the day and doing those morning classes I normally can’t do during the term!

Personal Admin

“But don’t you finish school at 2 pm every day?” Yes, we do! But I don’t have the energy to go to the bank or anywhere else accept work or home after a day of standing in front of 20 plus kids who are talking at the same time! So we often save our personal admin for the holiday when we are under much less pressure. Seriously! Unless you are sick or dying, it can wait!

Well, that’s all I have for you today! I hope I have satisfied your curiosity! Have a beautiful short week and enjoy the long weekend ahead! Love an light😘



Happy Sunday erbody! It’s been a rough week, but I’m much better now and looking forward to a better week than the last!

A few days ago, I read the most inspiring blog post in the longest time! Please check out Beauty Beyond Bone’s blog here. Seriously! She’s amazing! Check this post and her whole blog out!

I’m just here today to remind you that miracles still exist, guys! And they come straight from God himself! So whatever you are going through, don’t stop believing and don’t ever give up on whatever miracle you are waiting for!

Have a beautiful week, dear readers! I wish nothing but the best for you! Thank you for dropping by😘


Body Treat

Happy Sunday, Erbody! I hope you’ve had an awesome weekend! I tried to do some proper resting.

The end of term fatigue is starting to set in and with the end of term comes marking deadlines which have been very draining; mind you, there are still 4 weeks left! Cry with me!

On Friday while searching for a birthday present for a friend, I found these goodies at The Body Shop. Bath Bombs, the lady called them, little sweet or soap looking things that you throw in your bath! Now they don’t explode as the name suggest, they merely fizzle, changing the colour of your water and releasing an aroma to die for!

Don’t panic! I did not pee in my bath water! That is just the vanilla flavour I decided to try😂 What I like about these little bath treats is that they do not make soapy bubbles (soapy bubbles are bad for the lady parts!) They actually make your water a little creamy so as to moisturise your skin and the aroma is so relaxing!

It’s really nice to find little ways to relax when life gets hectic! I’m sure glad for these little treats! If you want to try them out, you’ll find them at your nearest Body Shop. I’m certainly going to be a regular customer now that I’ve discovered these!

Guys, thank you so much for dropping by! It’s always a pleasure to have you around! Have a beautiful week ahead. Rest, if you need to, but don’t you dare give up!😘



Happy Wednesday everyone! Has the week been good to you? The change of season is creeping in over here. The weather is cooling down and it is almost always raining. I suppose all good things have to come to an end!

Today I want to talk about relationships (of all kinds). I’ve always found it interesting how people stay friends for many years. How do you do it? I mean, I’ve tried hard (maybe too hard) to maintain and nurture my relationships, but other than my mother and immediate family, I’ve generally struggled to keep them going long term.

Eventually, I realised that just as the seasons come and go, so do people. You can only do so much to nurture a relationship and often times you are the only one putting in the work.

This is a friend of mine who has been working overseas over the last 2 years. Twice a year she comes home and we catch up over lunch. As I do with all my friendship I happily did the heavy lifting but last night she showed me what it’s like to allow someone else pull the weight. She really saved the day and we had an awesome night out, only because of her extra effort to make our date work!

We really need each other in this life, I can’t stress this enough guys! So thank you, my friend, for showing me how important I am to you as you are to me!

Thanks for popping by everyone! Enjoy the rest of your week!



Hey Everyone! I hope your weekend was refreshing and relaxing! Mine was busy, but good busy🙂

So, today I wanted to talk about the connections we making with the written word. What kind of blogs do you connect to? What kind of writing grabs your attention and has you hooked to every post from the first post? Comment at the end of the post. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

One of my students, whom I think is going to grow into and amazing artist wrote a piece of prose that I connected to and felt I needed to share with you today…

At first everything is fine, normal. Suddenly, I feel a pressure through my body, feels like adrenaline, it makes me unable to concentrate or stay still. Then I feel a burden that I should be doing something. I know what it is but I can’t concentrate on doing it because of the adrenaline.

After that comes worry ( I don’t know about what) feels like I’m doing something wrong but I’m not doing anything.

Then it’s reality disconnection. I look at myself in the mirror and I know it’s me but it doesn’t feel “real”? I look at my hands, my body, other people in the room and even objects. I know what they are there but it feels like I’m looking at myself, the whole world, through a screen.

Then comes the logging, a sudden need for affection. I picture someone hugging me. There are two people, 1 a guy I see as my boyfriend, 2 a child around the age of 10, not my child simply someone I’m helping, they both give me a hug and it makes me feel the same:Happy.

But I’m not the type of person to want to receive affection, in fact I almost completely reject it. I have a lot of people in my life that care for me and love, willing to give me affection but when they do it it’s different. My imagination feels more realistic that reality ( more satisfying I guess).

Suddenly a drop in energy. I feel almost dead and useless.suicidal thoughts pass through my head but never stay. It just doesn’t feel like that’s my answer. I keep thinking I need to find my people so wait a bit longer, I still have something to do so wait a bit longer.

Then I get the rush again and can’t focus. I feel like I want to scream, answer questions I was never asked about and a cream truths that weren’t hidden by a lie. Nobody ever said otherwise so why do I feel the need to say these “truths”? Then I bite myself or pierce my hands with my nails, not enough to

bleed or leave any marks, I don’t want people to know but I want them to know, just enough to feel some pain and get my mind off of those thoughts.
Then I’m back like I never left. Those thoughts and emotions feel like they were never there, never mine. I know I had them but it feels like such thoughts could never belong to me, like I could never feel that way. And suddenly I can’t even explain what happened to me…

I hope you enjoyed that! I certainly did😊 Thank you for visiting! It’s always great to have you😘


Surprise! The Blogger Recognition Award

Hi Everyone!

So, my Anonymous series hasn’t quite picked up yet, but luckily, I’m running it all year so there is still time. In the meantime, I will be posting one surprise post once a month every month so keep your eyes peeled!

Anyway, It’s Friday! It’s been such a hectic week, but I loved every bit of it – a true example of living life to the full!

A few days ago, I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Rap-Double-Oh-Baby. Thank you so much for this, Lady! Your blog has been awesome to read and your story about how you got started is such an inspiration! Please check her blog out!

How the Blogger Recognition Award works:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you;
  • Write a blog to show your award;
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started;
  • give two pieces of advice to new bloggers;
  • select 15 other bloggers you’d like to give this award to.

Once Upon a Time

I’ve actually been blogging since 2011 so it has been a long time! I was fresh out of university, positive about life and all it had to offer and in a job that did very little to challenge me at the time, although I was grateful to have something to do from 8 – 4 and earn a little bit of money, so I started My Ramblings back then in an effort to ward off the boredom and to have a little fun too! I moved to WordPress about 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back 🙂

New Kids on the Blog

If you are new to blogging and want to make it a worthwhile experience, then you have to engage with other bloggers as much as possible. Follow blogs that you like and like and comment on as many of them as possible. This is a community and we need each other in order to grow! You will find once you follow other blogs, that there are things that you like and things that you don’t like. Apply the things you like to your own blog and get rid of the things you dislike from your own blog too. I discovered through following other bloggers that I struggle keeping up with lengthy posts because, life, and so I make my posts short so that people can read them in a minute or two. I also found it hard to keep up with bloggers that posted everyday and that is how I chose 2 days in the week in which to post. And lastly, advice I received from Heartstring Eulogies: Keep writing. It’s the only way you will improve and find what works best for you! Oops! that was 3! sorry!

My Nominees

If you read this post and wanted to participate in this activity, consider yourself nominated!

Thank you so much for joining me today! I absolutely loved surprising you! I still have to tell you about last night’s Eat out Experience so pop back in on Sunday, OK? Have an awesome day and restful weekend!


The Dress

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s good to have you all here again! The week has been demanding, but a good demanding that requires all my time and energy, and I have been more than willing to give it!

So, yes! The dress! Ladies, you know how good it feels to be in that perfect dress that sits in all the right places and turns you into a goddess, just like that? Well, I recently found myself in one such dress!! Let me take it back…

If you know anything about me, you know that I have a mild obsession with African print clothing! Yup, all that☝️ fabric is mine! If it’s not a doek (turban) it’s a cute skirt, or high waste pants ( that no longer fit me☹) or a purplum top. I strongly believe that we are African every day, and we should embrace that every day and not just on Africa Day, you know?!

As my love for African print has grown over the years, so have the material gifts. It turns out I am a touch materialistic😂 My friends often give me fabric as gifts and I tend to wrap it around my head until I figure out what I want to do with it!

This was one such gift. The fabric was from one of my students’ mother. I held on to it for almost a year before I found the perfect dress I wanted made! It was quite a long wait but I couldn’t let such a beautiful present with such a beautiful message go to waist on something I didn’t put thought into.

I was so excited when I found the design I wanted and am even more excited that it ended up looking so good on me. My dressmaker and I got into it when at first it looked horrifically big on me and I had no idea how to fix it! I panicked, but luckily, I am no good at seeing how clothes should fit and Nene fixed it in the end! I love the outcome! This. is. The Dress!

Thank you so much for popping in! It’s always a pleasure to have you around🙂 Please join me on Sunday for another restaurant review. That’s right: the Eat Out gang is getting back together this week!! I’ll tell you all about it on Sunday, so come back😘 Have a fabulous week!