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The ultimate blog swap: do you remember me?

I’m that girl, Darkness

The one who has never known light

The one who had given up hope on finding it,

A bleak future is all I could see

All this time I thought I was flawed

Only to realise I’ve been looking through broken mirrors

Still, I thought, do I really want to leave this place?

I didn’t even know I could leave if I wanted to,

A sad reminder of my loneliness lingers,

That’s why I never bothered in the first place.

So yes, it seemed impossible.

“There’s a way out!” I heard a voice, but I do I really want to listen,

This has defined me for so long that I don’t know who I am without it.

Do I remember you, you ask

How could I not when you consumed and tamed me

You took me, turned me upside down and shook me

Like coins I saw my happiness scatter to the floor

It was you who, even when I tried to peep through the light, convinced me that darkness is the only place I belong

It was your presence that convinced me I will never be enough

You turned all my dreams to nightmares, but now, I have to leave.

Yes, I am leaving you and from now on I will no longer remember you

The only time you will cross my mind is when I look back to see how far I’ve come

When I said I remembered you, I lied because

From now on, I’ll only remember light.


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The Ultimate Blog Swap: A Little Inspiration from Sehli_Chaotic

In times of social media and the toxic environment created around it, it has become tougher to keep a level head; so many people have now lost themselves in keeping up appearances and trying too hard to compare themselves to everybody else. We forget that we are different individuals pursuing different paths. I worry about how easy it has become to fall for facades in social media networks leading to people putting unnecessary pressure on themselves.

I worry about young girls duped into thinking they have to expose themselves and alter their image to achieve a certain level of success, yet no one tells them that they can achieve anything without resorting to extreme measures. Everybody jumps at the slightest opportunity to post themselves leading a lavish lifestyle, in designer clothes and eating the most expensive dishes but what is the use in convincing people that you are whole on the outside when internally, you are incomplete. Some fail to understand the façade involved which is where the endless chain of insecurities is invoked especially from the average user because not only do they aspire to be like what they see but they also put unnecessary pressure on themselves. They forget that life does not afford everyone the same opportunities and that there is no age limit to success.

There is no timeline for any personal achievements! It is in moments like these that I am reminded of the phrase, “Don’t be too hard on yourself, nobody posts their failures”. You need to learn to not take things at face value; you don’t know the corridors what the person had to go through to get to that picture perfect point. If they worked hard to achieve the lifestyle they now have then good for them, it is something we can all admire and aspire to. However that does not mean take shortcuts because you might miss a necessary journey that would have carried you through to where you are supposed to be. Learn to live at your own pace. So, you have big dreams and desire to achieve them all, it is all okay because what matters is that you are doing something to achieve those dreams. Do not let some stranger on Instagram act as a success barometer in your life. Protecting yourself from such unproductive energy takes huge confidence and requires a strong self-esteem so do not be ashamed to work on yourself; read self-help books, get a makeover, whatever you feel is necessary to give you confidence to face the world and make your dreams come true. It is your life, live it by your own rules.

I hope you find the strength to stay true to yourself and may your every dream come true.


A Zimblog awards nominee, development practitioner passionate about life, the empowerment of women and mental illness awareness. She finds purpose and comfort in putting her thoughts into words. She is realistic and hopeful.

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Love Love Love

It’s February, the month of loooove! The shops are nothing but Valentines cards and chocolates and teddy bears and Twitter, abuzz with debates about gift ideas, while the singles ask each other what they will be doing on the day!

Me? Well, I’m somewhere in between! I don’t bash love- well, not since 2015 anyway. In fact, now I think love is a beautiful thing. And while I won’t be harping on about how the day is a money making scheme ( it is!) nor will I be shooting my shot on any social media platform ( I did that successfully in juniour high, thank you!) I do believe that love of all forms is worth celebrating!

So grab the nearest thing to you: your job, gym life, your friends, your family or even your solitude and tell it you love it! Seriously! The world can be a morbid place and we can never spread too much love into it!

I’ll be at home eating all the chocolate I will have solicited from dem boys because I deserve nice things😂

Have a beautiful evening, dear readers, thanks for visiting! Have a beautiful week!



The adulting social trajectory goes something like this: clubbing, dinners, engagement parties, weddings, baby showers and funerals. Mine is somewhere around weddings and baby showers this year.

When I attend all these events, there is a part of me that is there purely to celebrate with my friends. There’s another part of me that takes notes for any of my own events that may come along one day.

A definite theme I’ve picked up on, and liked this year has been simplicity. Two weddings and two baby showers and this trend have rung true throughout.

There were no elaborate “guess the size of the belly” games, no long-winded speeches from an endless list of relatives and certainly no gift opening ceremonies with endless cooing over how cute the hundredth onesey is! We, the guests, merely showed up, broke bread, laughed and celebrated the new milestones of our loved ones and I went home, heart overflowing with love for the time spent with them.

It’s not that these formalities aren’t authentic. it doesn’t mean that these gatherings are less special with speeches, but the core reason why we are gathered is often lost because of them. And that is why, the older I get, the more I appreciate that all the important things have been said and done long before the big day.

Thank you to all my friends who have taught me something new this year! I hope I can host gatherings that are as simple and filled with love as you have done!

Thank you for popping in! It’s always so good to have you here😘 have a beautiful week!