The Eat Out – The Royale, Johannesburg

Happy Sunday Erbody!

I trust you have had a great weekend and you’re rested up for the week ahead.

It amazes me how much we can change over a short space of time. And we don’t realise it ’till we revisit ourselves and see a huge change!

I love food. I love making it, and trying what other people make and so the eatout was always the highlight of my month! Check out my previous posts about it here.

Last night, a handful of the old members of the Eatout got together to celebrate a birthday in true eatout style. Our adventure took us to The Royale in Craighall, Johannesburg.

The Spot

The restaurant itself doesn’t really stick out among the long rows of shops,bars and car dealerships along Jan Smuts so you will have to trust your GPS completely to get there in case you miss it. Once inside, you are met by a Cuban vibe: Great music, palm trees and rustic photoframes on the walls. There’s an open roof in the outside/ inside area that is going to be perfect when summer really kicks in! The birthday girl had to book us a table well in advance and we found ourselves sitting next to a bridal party as well! In true Joburg style, The Royale brings in all types of people from the sophisticated cuisine hunters to the hipsters popping in for a few drinks.

The Service

I arrived late to the venue so I didn’t know who our waiter was. He was difficult to flag down but the place does start getting busy after 7 on a Saturday night. Our food and drink, however, did arrive promptly every time! The food portions were reasonable, in size and in prices, and just as yummy!

Our Favourites

Speaking of yummy food, the ribs were amazing! Tender meat and a portion fit for a king! The prawn curry was just the right amount of spicy to enjoy without tearing up! The clam and mussels were also a hit. Those 2 rolls on the side help to enjoy the leftover lemon creamy sauce😋. I will definately be having the squid next time I’m there! In a nutshell, none of us were dissappointed with our food!

Well, there you have it! My take on an authentically Cuban experience with a little help from a few friends! Thanks for your input guys! Of course, your company makes these outings all the more delightful!

Well, thank you once again for dropping by, everyone! I hope to see you on Wednesday!

P.S Oh I almost forgot! When you visit this cool spot make sure you take a picture at the Palm Tree! The Palm tree was awesome!



Good Evening, Dear Readers!

I’m really starting to cut it way too fine with making our dates! Fortunately, I know you understand that life sometimes takes big strides ahead of us and we have to jog a little bit to keep in step with it!

Tonight, I was going to talk about knowing your worth and learning how to articulate it, but that’s going on the backburner for another time.

I have friends of different calibres in my life. I quite like it that way. Some are much older and others much younger than me. Some are married with kids, some are single and unattached. Some are black like me and some are white; some are men and others are female. This kind of variety has helped me to have perspective. To understand the value of my own life and where I’m at in it in relation to theirs. All my friends have taught me to be grateful for the way my life is right now, because I know I will miss how it is now when I’m at a different place later.

I just got home from visiting a friend in hospital. She had an Arthritic episode and was admitted yesterday. She’s 25. 25 and Arthritic! That’s crazy! As we sat together during her visiting hours, I was struck by how I myself have had very few serious visits to the doctor or the hospital for that matter. I’ve never really been a sickly person. I could only imagine the pain she described to me of injections and swollen joints, being bedridden with nothing to do but wait to get better. She’s familiar with most of these discomforts so she handles it like a champ while I felt nothing but terror for her as I listened! My friend is so brave and strong for going through all of this on her own!

I think it’s very important for us to take a moment tonight and thank God for our health. We are healthy, guys! Let that sink in for a moment and give thanks! While you’re at it, take a moment to think about those who, like my friend, struggle with all kinds of illnesses. Pray for their recovery but also for love and light as they brave such storms.

Thanks for popping in tonight and don’t worry, Sunday will be here before you know it😉 Until we meet again!


Happy Sunday, Erbody!

If you’ve been following me for a long time, you know sometimes I write something resembling poetry. If you want to read any of it then help yourself to my Prose category 🙂

I don’t really think of myself as much of a poet but I enjoy good imagery and it’s quite an outlet, creating imagery relating to my own experiences.


So tempted to lift it.

To take a peak

In hopes that what lies beneath is different to what was there before.

But like the creatures that crawl about beneath the stone, we too are creatures of habit.

Our patterns remain more or less the same. We scavenge for nourishment, warmth and safety – in each other.

We are the creatures and we also have the power to lift the stone, to satisfy our curiosity, to see.

But what lies there is very likely exactly the same as what lay there the very first time we lifted the stone.

And that is why

Some stones are better left unturned.

I hope you enjoyed that! And I hope you are rested up and ready for the new week! I’ll see you on Hump Day😘

Thanks for reading!


Good evening…

Sigh… I’m lying in bed contemplating the unnecessarily stressful weekend I just had. Long story short, I have been without electricity all weekend and It’s taught me a few lessons about this thing called life and adulting really. Check it out:

Lesson 1: Life stands still

We are too dependant on electricity. Suddenly, I didn’t know what to do with myself, my day became about getting my devices charged and every percentage drop was cause for panic! It was like I was missing out on something happening out there, mind you, every time I checked, I’d really missed nothing. Silly.

Lesson 2: You are your greatest resource

When life throws you lemons, it doesn’t give you a manual on what to do with them! If you wanna survive this adulting thing, you’ll need all the help you can get. Common sense is key, friends! You cannot wait for someone else to ensure your happiness and comfort, so the person you have to rely on most heavily is yourself!

Lesson 3: Candlelight is Romantic

So I collected all my candles; mostly gifts that are usually ornamental around the matchbox and I have myself quite a romantic setup! I believe this is what they call turning those lemons into lemonade😀

Lesson 4: Enjoy The silence

I have piles of unstarted and unfinished books. This is the perfect time to catch on some of them. Well, look at that! Some more lemonade!

And so I leave you with this thought going into the new week👇


Morning Everyone!

I’m stressed about something I have no control over so I’m trying to handle it in a healthy way: by completely ignoring it and focusing on something else! It doesn’t sound healthy but it’s better than burning the building down or screaming and shouting, lol.

If I’ve been on your radar for a long time then you know about the Afrobloggers Wednesday Poetry. check out my first post about it here if you haven’t seen it already.

I was quite impressed with what I produced last night and thought I would share it with you.

I miss the raindrops on my window pane.

The slow drumming on my rooftop.

I miss watching it fall…

Nostalgia drenches me,

And suddenly,

I miss you….


If you wanna see what other poets contributed last night and the past while, check out my moment on my Twitter account (@nolo_yiso). here’s the link for you too👇

Phew! That stress tension in my neck has subsided thanks to you😊 Have a beautiful day!