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Love Love Love

It’s February, the month of loooove! The shops are nothing but Valentines cards and chocolates and teddy bears and Twitter, abuzz with debates about gift ideas, while the singles ask each other what they will be doing on the day!

Me? Well, I’m somewhere in between! I don’t bash love- well, not since 2015 anyway. In fact, now I think love is a beautiful thing. And while I won’t be harping on about how the day is a money making scheme ( it is!) nor will I be shooting my shot on any social media platform ( I did that successfully in juniour high, thank you!) I do believe that love of all forms is worth celebrating!

So grab the nearest thing to you: your job, gym life, your friends, your family or even your solitude and tell it you love it! Seriously! The world can be a morbid place and we can never spread too much love into it!

I’ll be at home eating all the chocolate I will have solicited from dem boys because I deserve nice things😂

Have a beautiful evening, dear readers, thanks for visiting! Have a beautiful week!



The adulting social trajectory goes something like this: clubbing, dinners, engagement parties, weddings, baby showers and funerals. Mine is somewhere around weddings and baby showers this year.

When I attend all these events, there is a part of me that is there purely to celebrate with my friends. There’s another part of me that takes notes for any of my own events that may come along one day.

A definite theme I’ve picked up on, and liked this year has been simplicity. Two weddings and two baby showers and this trend have rung true throughout.

There were no elaborate “guess the size of the belly” games, no long-winded speeches from an endless list of relatives and certainly no gift opening ceremonies with endless cooing over how cute the hundredth onesey is! We, the guests, merely showed up, broke bread, laughed and celebrated the new milestones of our loved ones and I went home, heart overflowing with love for the time spent with them.

It’s not that these formalities aren’t authentic. it doesn’t mean that these gatherings are less special with speeches, but the core reason why we are gathered is often lost because of them. And that is why, the older I get, the more I appreciate that all the important things have been said and done long before the big day.

Thank you to all my friends who have taught me something new this year! I hope I can host gatherings that are as simple and filled with love as you have done!

Thank you for popping in! It’s always so good to have you here😘 have a beautiful week!

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Reflections: Friendship


Friendships can be a fickle thing. As humans, we thrive on social connections. Unfortunately, not all friendships are as strong as we’d hope them to be. Some of us spend years cultivating that special bond we should share with our friends. Others meet on a whim and become lifelong buddies. I often find myself feeling like that friend you only talk to when you need something, as painful as it is to admit. I spend so much time giving and being there for my “friends” and more often than not, that’s all I am. I grew up in a semi large family, most of which I do not know and those I do know, saying that we aren’t that close. As a result, I tend to treat my friends like family yet I always find myself asking if this person is really in it for the love of friendship, or for what they stand to gain from having me as a friend.

I am not a confrontational being which often means when problems arise in said friendship; I usually don’t address it, this often leaves me feeling taken advantage of and or resentful that I don’t speak up more.

In the 21st century, loyalty is rare and good friendships even more so. As such, I always ask myself what we even know about the meaning of real friendship! And how does one break the barrier of continuously choosing the wrong friends, when no is really interested in keeping that bond sacred?

Tamiqua Martin is fresh outa high school! She loves photography, writing, reading and psychology. She’s an easy going adventurer whose world is her oyster!

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Reflections 2019

Can you believe 2019 is almost over?! Done?! Dusted? A new decade lies ahead with new possibilities and goals and, just, stuff?! Time flies!

Last year, Reflections went so well that I thought we could run it again this year. I’m always curious to hear what my readers enjoyed reading on The Chronicles during the year and I also like engaging about the impact this here blog has had on those who have landed on this page. Sometimes, my friends ask about a certain experience and it reminds me that, I’m not just out here speaking to myself!

And so, Reflections returns! Every Wednesday of December, I will put up a post written by you in which you can talk about what I may or may not have triggered in you in a post you read at any time during the year. You’re allowed to go as far back as you like and you’re allowed to speak as freely as you like. The floor is yours! Let’s look back on this year together and see what gems we have found to help us in the future. Are you in?

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3 Ways to Be a Better Writer

In the world of social media, short hand and emojies are the order of the day. Intentions are misinterpreted and much is left unsaid in the interest of time yet too much is conveyed in the hopes of getting one’s message across. This is me: I struggle to call myself a writer yet here I am, scribbling away all the while praying that my words are beautifully sewn together.

I don’t like to call myself a writer, but I have come to love putting pen to paper and drawing vivid images with my words. If you feel the way I do, you understand the overthinking, insecurities and worry that comes with the writing process.

Today, I put together 3 simple tips to help you to improve your writing and to ease some of your anxiety around the process.

Keep writing

I asked a fellow blogger a fellow blogger a few years ago what advice she had for me to improve the way I write and her response was simply to keep doing. I hated that answer at the time because it gave me no real indication or direction to go in, but as the years have rolled by and I have in fact kept writing, I realised the importance of this this advice. The more you write the more you develop a style and process that suits you, the more ideas for new material and the more you enjoy what you do. It’s really that simple.

Do your Research

I tell my students this all the time and I only really started putting into practice in my writing recently. Google provides us with so much information that we often don’t even try to look for it. It is important to do as much research on your topic as possible. I’m learning to write in a voice that is not mine at the moment and I spend a lot of time talking to men to hear how they phrase their statements and even the emojies they use. It’s completely different to women, I tell you! I would not have known this if I had not done my research.

Give yourself a deadline

Am I the only person who hates listening to my recorded voice? Writing is kind of the same thing for me: what I write never sounds good enough to me. I promise you, if you wait for your writing to be “perfect”, you will literally never put it out there. It never looks or sounds perfect so trust yourself and deliver the work. It’s OK to get a bad review or to be told it’s bad work. It definitely gives you something to work with. This is why come hell or high water, I post at a specific time of day, otherwise I will talk myself out of putting out good material.

Well, I hope this is helpful! I have my hands full at the moment, but I love every minute of it! Have an awesome week erbody! We’ll chat soon! Thank you stopping by😘

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Fibo Fitness and Wellness Festival

I’m starting to feel more and more at home in fitness spaces and I love it!

This weekend found me at Fibo Health and Fitness, Wellness Festival. I was really there to support my friend as per the friendship aggreement but I got much more than I expected!

Endless stalls ranging from food to active wear and equipment and everything in between! I planked for vouchers, sweated out in 30-minute classes and tried out all kinds of healthy shakes and food.

So I finally tried out Piloxing, guys and it was so much more than I expected! It’s not just punching into the air. The piloxing gloves, which have a little added weight, ensure that you get more out of those punches. 2 sets, and I understood why the instructors have such lean arms! It was only a 30-minute demo class but I was sweating hard by the end!

And it doesn’t stop there. My legs were put to the test with standing leg raises that also demand a tightened core to maximise effectiveness. I would love to have this class on a regular basis at my own gym! It’s a must try for men and women!

Shout out to Tania and her team for a great demo. You’re an amazing instructor full of fun and so much energy and it’s evident that you and your team believing in what you’re doing! Thank you!

Thank you for popping erbody! It’s always a pleasure to have you hear! Have an awesome week😘