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3 Things I’m going to miss about lockdown

Last week, I got an email from work. We headed back to normal-ish school yesterday and surprisingly, this was bittersweet news. Lockdown was more good than bad for me and there are a number of things I’m going to miss about being confined to my house.


While lockdown was in many ways a stressful time, it was also exciting. If you didn’t pick up a new skill or learn new ways of doing the same old thing, then you probably don’t feel like you took full advantage of this time. From late mornings during a work week to different kinds of adventures in little corners of the city, I’m going to miss re-imaginging my life and having much more time to unwind. I’m going to miss never needing to leave my space for work or for play and I’m going to miss the creativity this time enforced on us all.

No obligations

Be honest, how many times have you attended a party out of obligation and what you really wanted to do was stay at home and do your own thing? I know I have! Lockdown did away with this for me. In fact, lockdown really did away with many forced relationships whole we all grappled with this new normal.

Self care days.

Don’t let anyone fool you, every day is self care Sunday and lockdown made it so we could have more of these days than normal. Long baths with candles and soft music and a good book became a norm. I woke up for work when the sun is out- during winter. It was such a blessing not to feel tired and sleep deprived. I learned to self soothe because I didn’t have access to my people. My circle grew smaller and I’m grateful for that and I found that I had more time to do things that are important to me.

It’s a whole new world and I see it every day. But we are privileged enough to watch and enjoy how it unfolds! I’m looking forward to everything that is to come. Have a good week, dear readers!

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Series: 35 fun facts about me

You already know this about me, but I get super excited for my birthday! I guess I like special things and I’m deeply sentimental.

So last year’s series was 34 things I learned in 34 years and this year I thought I’d keep it lighter, shorter and simpler than I did last year. So for the next 7 days, I’m going to squeeze 35 fun facts about me into 7 posts of 6 word stories. Yikes! It’s going to be a challenge, given that I can be long winded and that I will have to find 35 fun things to tell you about myself! It’s gonna be fun, though!

So get on board, and enjoy the next week with me leading up to the big 35😘

P.S Please help me wish my very good friend, Bax, a very happy birthday!

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Series: The Ultimate Blog Swap

It’s a new year and an new series is in order! Read all about it here!

Sehliselwe – Sehli Chaotic

The other day I posted a tweet under the O Jewa Keng thread. In the tweet I was seeking to collaborate with other bloggers and possibly do blog swaps, the response so far has been nothing but unbelievable. As I write this I am deeply overwhelmed at the amount of bloggers who are ready for collaborations.

I have to admit that blogging for me was an online diary where I vented about everything that was going wrong in my life; I barely posted anything unless I felt really frustrated. So you can understand why I never interacted or sought to connect with other bloggers. It wasn’t until recently, when I found out I was nominated for a Zimblog award, that I actually thought, “Yeah maybe I could make something out of this”. Suddenly I understood the impact that blogging has had on me and how I approach my goals. Through the responses on the tweet so far, I have had a chance to connect with people from all walks of life with the same interests as mine which has somehow assured me that I am on the right track. One of the first people I connected with was Noloyiso, a blogger whose work caught my eye as she touched on issues such as mental health and overall empowerment of women which to me screamed “girl power’. So the obvious thing for us to do next was collaborate. We decided to start with a blog swap where I get to post on her blog and she posts on mine. That I thought was an amazing way for us to explore and share with different audiences as well forge relationships alike. I am super excited to work with her and I cannot wait to see where this journey leads!

Noloyiso – The Chronicles of a Nubian Queen

So there I was, scrolling aimlessly on my Twitter timeline, as one does when there are millions more important things to do, when I came across Sehliselwe’s tweet seeking to engage and collaborate with other bloggers. I’ve met some great people on my blog and I have found those engagements valuable and good for my growth as a writer. I’ve also made some very good friends and a kind of village, something that I value, so I was very interested in the opportunity that presented itself. It’s also the perfect opportunity for a new series; something different to what I’ve done before. So in an attempt to make more of these connections, we’re joining forces!

Here’s how this will work: Once a month, we’ll swap blogs and post an article – she on mine and me on hers. Hopefully, this will lead to some exciting work! Friends will be made, audiences will grow and lives will be changed, AN EMPIRE WILL BE BUILT! Excuse the drama, but this is super exciting! We haven’t worked out all the details, but I’ve never heard of this being done before; we may be on to something good!

So, welcome to The Ultimate Blog Swap! We hope you enjoy it!