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Of all the things I miss about normal life, small unexpected adventures are top of the list.

My friend and I bent the rules last night and drove up a hill near our area. I’ve been meaning to see this view but it always just got lost in the busyness of every day life; the road to hell, am I right? Anyway, lockdown has us slowing right down and it was getting more difficult to maintain the sense of wonder so, I needed this outing.

I guess what, I’m trying to say is that adventures are not so hard to come by, even during lockdown. It might even be right up the road from you😏

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Has anyone ever written you a poem? Well, until the other day, I haven’t had this privilege!

I shared the first posted picture from my modelling stint the other day and my good friend Jay Jay responded in poetry and I thought I would share it with you today 😊

A Positive Poem for the Lady in Positive Pants

What is in you is stronger than what they see.
I see stories written in the palms of your hands.
Relating of struggle, strength and victory.

The lines accentuating your feet
Tell stories of journies traversed.
Tears that attempted to form rivers but above all achilles.

If ever you doubt yourself,
May nostalgia take you back on a journey.

The ghost of struggles past

show you what you overcame to be here.
May that which tries to strip you of your smile
be less than the strength which flows in you.

Thank you for your kind words, Jay! This poem is beautiful😊

Check out Jay Jay’s blog here

Have a good week erbody! Thanks for popping in❤

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Lyrical Challenge – Day 1

Afternoon Everyone!

As you know, Twitter is where cool things live and the 3 day Lyrical Challenge is no different! I couldn’t wait for Sunday so I thought I would start today until Sunday!

I had to be part of this, so I got myself challenged by OJ’s Pride. She has a great blog, you should check it out! Thanks so much for this opportunity, OJ!

So the rules to The Lyrical Challenge are simple:

1. Thank the person who nominated you,

2. Share your favourite song/lyrics,

3. Nominate 3 other bloggers.

Ok, let’s do this! My first song is actually an interlude so it’s short:

Newer Balance (freestyle) by Jhenè Aiko
I don’t need no other guy
Ever since you caught my eye
Oh you’re the only one I see
The only one that’s for me, my baby
And it would really be a shame
If you are just running game on me
Oh, baby please, baby please tell me it ain’t so, oh no
I got a strange feeling
That maybe I am dealing with a smooth player
Ooh, I’m praying

That you are who you are saying
Hope you are who you are saying

My 3 nominations are:




Thanks for reading 🙂 I’ll be back with a new song tomorrow!

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The Yearning

Most English teachers will tell you how difficult it is to read for pleasure. Literature is work, something we read to find deeper meaning and even simpler ways to convey that which we encounter.

How refreshing it is to find a novel that engrosses you; a truly engaging, beautiful and authentically South African story. Every page was worth the read and it was bittersweet to put it down at the end.

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This Way

I wasn’t born this way.

I wasn’t born in pain.

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She could hear her own heart beating in her ears, the silence ringing in the room. She had read the endless novel about the sad old man that normally helped lure sleep to her. She felt her eyes burn- just hours ago they were teasingly heavy with the promise of the sweetest dreams, now they burn, frustrated at a vow broken. It is 23:58 and sleep is nowhere to be found…


I don’t Lick It


The Lick is the one thing that is not getting better. My warm up pattern is more comfortable and so are my scales but the lick is refusing!

The more it refuses the less I practise it. The less I practise it the more it refuses. What a vicious cycle…


I hate monotomy. But it begins tomorrow. The red abyss will dictate my every move for the next 3 weeks. Mr Elephant used to help with that. He used to break the sameness… now he’s gone…

But I must keep licking and ticking, because life goes on and does not wait for you to pick yourself up…

I better get some sleep… 2 exams are dropping in my lap in the morning…


We Have to Stop Meeting Like This

“Love is really nothing but a dream that keeps waking me” -John Mayer


Love once came to me through the trees. It was a fleeting ray of light through the leaves. I was lucky to catch a glimpse of it – lucky to capture it with my amateur lense. “I am fickle”, it whispered to me.

Of course, I paid no mind to its message. Of course, I thought I knew better….


After many years of crossing paths with Love in fickle and fleeting ways,I gave up on  it – walked away from it because though our paths intertwined, they never merged into one. But Love continued to seek me out. I found it, this time, abandoned but no longer fluid. I was suprised to have found it. I no longer knew what it felt like, but when our eyes met, we recognised each other….


Sometimes Love is an accident. It is spilled paint on a tiled floor and can go by unnoticed by eyes unpeeled. It catches you off guard, when you have done everything in your power to guard against it. It melts down your defenses and you are rendered…. helpless.


Love is solid. It is constant and it is beautiful and more remarkably, it is accessible – even to me.