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Anonymous: Sexy Doesn’t Have a Size

Surprise! This month’s installment is awesome! Enjoy it!

Yes, I am a plus size woman,

Yes, I have stretch marks,

Yes, my thighs touch.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes it can be hard to remember that on a day when you’re not feeling very sparkly.

It all begins with self-love which comes from the inside, not the outside. It’s about loving the shape of your body, being comfortable in your skin. What really makes you sexy is what you project – your confidence and your self-awareness. One of the best things about body confidence is that it radiates off of you and can inspire others. Yes, it’s contagious, just like a smile.

True beauty comes from the soul. Just think about it: if you have to change yourself and conform to anyone else’s standards of beauty, it would be like changing the essence of your existence, and who needs duplicate copies? You are unique and that’s what God planned for you.

Start with thinking and speaking positively about your body. Never compare yourself to someone else. There is no right size and there is no wrong size. We are all built differently, and that’s a good thing! Celebrate and embrace your sexiness and differences

Social media constantly paints a picture of the PERFECT body, life and relationship but the question is: PERFECT through whose standards and whose eyes?

Every day, be the best version of you! Own who you are – love yourself and be happy about you and for you!

Yes, my tummy jiggles



Have a great weekend, everyone!

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I Love my Hair Campaign

I’m back! So I took part in this campaign over at Twitterville! Attach a picture of your afro with a poem of encouragement. Check out the hashtag to see what other women are saying!

My fro does as it pleases.
Stretches out, shrinks back.
And so I do the same.
The world will adjust.

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Afrobloggers Wednesday Poetry Evenings 11-10-17

Happy Friday, my Weirdos! I got to flex my writing muscles the other day ☺ check it out!

I also added a… thing with all the very short prose I write on twitter. You can follow me on there (@nolo_yiso) or add the moment on your own Twitter list…

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Better Than Me

No one knows how to lift my spirits better than me.Just put me behind the wheel and give me an adventure to embark on.

No one knows how to make my heart flutter better than me. Play me something beautiful, progressions with minors and husky voices and words that sing what I feel.

No one takes care of me better than me. Give me my matchbox flat, flavours to mix in a pot that nourish my belly and my soul.

No one calms me better than me. Make the room quiet and leave me to my own devices.

No one knows me better than me and no one loves me better than me because I’m all I’ve got…

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This Way

I wasn’t born this way.

I wasn’t born in pain.

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When It’s Good 

 Something inside crumbles -no, melts. It starts in the middle and everything gets hazy and mushy. A really good song has its own personality.It’s in a guitar lick or a bass riff or a chord progression, that sweet sweet melody or velvet harmony. Music hits you with one of those – or all of them- and before you know it, you are savouring the taste it leaves in your mouth.

“The thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley