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You’re that thing I must procrastinate

Put you in the backburner and focus on something else.

Focus on positive vibrations

Trust the process

And soon, my Universe will bring me what’s mine.

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Suddenly, I’m uncertain What ifs swim around in my head And it all gets blurry. Suddenly I’m impatient, I don’t want to wait anymore I want answers now, proof, now! Suddenly it’s urgent Wait too long and it may dwindle and die…

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Look for You

Everywhere, I look for you.

In devotionals and bible verses and beautifully written lyrics, I look for you.

I look for you in music and melodies, in the beat, I look for you.

I look for you in venues and people, in well-cooked meals, I look for you.

I look for you in statuses and views, likes and blocks, I look for you.

Everywhere, in everything, I look for you.

am writing, Love & War, Prose, Ramblings, Soul Stuff

This Way

I wasn’t born this way.

I wasn’t born in pain.

Love & War, Prose, Ramblings

I’m Outchea

Me: eeeeek! I can’t wait! This is so cool! It’ll be so much fun! Maybe we’ll- or you’ll -I really hope you- eeeeeeek! I’m gonna burst, I swear…

You: *grinding* *pushing paper* *meeting* *trebble Vs base* Just all round busy. Got no time for lady teachers on holiday and have nothing better to do than wait for me😎

And then the online blings….

Me:*sigh of relief* I thought you were gone forever, but as it turns out…