No alarm clock had a hand in waking her up this morning.The crack around her bedroom doorframe was the only indication that the day had begun. It is officially the first day of school break. As she stretched in bed, she thought of the day that stretched ahead. All the possibilities, all the choices that are hers to make lay ahead. It was gonna be a good day filled with little adventures. And she was looking forward to it.

House Keeping

I play a musical instrument and so I’ve had very little respect for other genres of music that had no guitar. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I in actual fact, had a very lazy and shallow ear.


My brother took me to a gig where a popular Dj was playing. I didn’t care for the music until I heard what sounded like electric guitar. A closer look revealed a live lead guitarist letting rip over the monotinous music!- my mind was blown and I spent the next year listening out for interesting riffs of all kinds in every song I heard. And so, my appreciation for house music was born.

I’m not familiar with the best House Djs or house music – I am but an infant- but I do enjoy a mixtape that I can get lost in while I get through the mundane chores of the day or try to focus when there are piles and piles of marking to get through – teacherproblems. House music has often created a parallel universe where there is no sense of time or place -my memory bank – and every few minutes a riff arises that draws my attention from what I am doing to listen closely.

I may not know how to truly appreciate this genre of music, but this is a start.So I want to know from you, dear world: how does one listen to House music? Is it the riffs, the tempo, the lyrics ( where applicable) or is it just fun to dance to? I’d love to hear from you!