The Middle

I’m familiar with the beginning.

I’m familiar with the bitter end.

But the middle, the middle,

I don’t know what happens here…



Suddenly, I’m uncertain What ifs swim around in my head And it all gets blurry. Suddenly I’m impatient, I don’t want to wait anymore I want answers now, proof, now! Suddenly it’s urgent Wait too long and it may dwindle and die…

Look for You

Everywhere, I look for you.

In devotionals and bible verses and beautifully written lyrics, I look for you.

I look for you in music and melodies, in the beat, I look for you.

I look for you in venues and people, in well-cooked meals, I look for you.

I look for you in statuses and views, likes and blocks, I look for you.

Everywhere, in everything, I look for you.


Be patient. The flutters will come. At first they will frighten you because they are a reminder of when…

Be patient. Soon it will feel safe and you will no longer be dipping just your toes in, but  your legs and your shoulders will be invited in too. Soon you will be immersed in the warm happy waters.

Be patient. Maybe you will free fall and it will no longer be frightening;it will be good because, this is good. So, be patient…