Ke December Boss

Endless sizzling hot days. Sun, swimsuits, carefree, every day yours to do with as you please.

Family, friends, catch up time with all your people: a reminder of where you belong.

Gifts exchanged; I’m special to you and you to me. Thank you for being in my life and letting me into yours.

I love the African festive season ☺


Independant Women

3 fierce women under one roof will sometimes clash. One must be the appeaser and choose to hover in the background because…. because it’s not her turn – not her spotlight, not her story. She’s just here as extra hands, to pass the cloth, make the food, put away the bucket.She’s a helping hand only… 6 days have never felt so long…

Mended Bridges


She stood up as many did before her and waited for her accolade to be announced to the attendants. He paused for a moment and their eyes met. “Ngudade wethu lowa”, That’s my sister , he announced.”Ndamshiyela ibele” I left her our mother’s breast. He proceeded to recite their clan names: Nyawuza, Faku, Ziqelekeze,Thahla. Her face broke into a smile she could not contain. Her heart burst with the pride of being associated with him and the brokenness he was declaring restored.


And with that, the bridge was mended.