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I Love my Hair Campaign

I’m back! So I took part in this campaign over at Twitterville! Attach a picture of your afro with a poem of encouragement. Check out the hashtag to see what other women are saying!

My fro does as it pleases.
Stretches out, shrinks back.
And so I do the same.
The world will adjust.

Nubian Hair



Yay! Something new! Not that I wasn’t enjoying the natural hair, but I decided I need a new style for the next few months. Also, protective hairstyles for the winter,am I right?!

My genius friend did these for me ( the lil Wayne Tshirt behind me!) She made sure it was nice and thick boxbraids that doesn’t shred the hair. She was also very gentle on my sculp which I am greatful for! Thanks Spokytail!!

In a nutshell, these are AWESOME!!!

Nubian Hair


I washed my hair and bantu knotted it. Unravelled it looked like this:


I was so excited! I saw progress! So I continued the excercised. The knotted has been taking less and less time which means I’m getting better at it, right?


It shrank 😕 I’m a little sad! But I learned a new thing about my mane: It is extremely curly! It will look like no progress for the next few months! But I don’t regret going natural. One day the afro dream will come true. One day I will be  Africa type beautiful -right?

Until then I should enjoy this. And try not to play with my hair so much. I leave loose ones everywhere, smh