Better Than Me

No one knows how to lift my spirits better than me.Just put me behind the wheel and give me an adventure to embark on.

No one knows how to make my heart flutter better than me. Play me something beautiful, progressions with minors and husky voices and words that sing what I feel.

No one takes care of me better than me. Give me my matchbox flat, flavours to mix in a pot that nourish my belly and my soul.

No one calms me better than me. Make the room quiet and leave me to my own devices.

No one knows me better than me and no one loves me better than me because I’m all I’ve got…



“When I’ve ticked all the boxes, I’ll be happy,” she resolved.

But what if happiness lies in the journey and not the boxes ticked?


She smiles to herself all the time and laughs out loud at the thought of your  mannerisms. She sleeps with the TV off now and seldom wakes in the sad hours of the morning to the reminder that she is in mourning. She dares to believe that the sun has come up and the time for weeping has passed. She revels in this newfound disposition the way a pig revels in mud. She is the pink, plump, happy pig and you are her mud.