To be honest, I have no answers. 

I don’t know why this keeps happening.

 I won’t always be able to avoid it,

Nor will I always recover smoothly.

But I am to have faith

Maybe not for another chance (another chance will not come)

Maybe I am to have faith that I will smile straight from my heart again.

Maybe that is the answer

But… I have no answers…

You are Missing from Me

I miss home when I’m missing you.

You feel like my childhood pictures, mom’s home cooking, comfort, affirmation, my mom’s voice, laughter, being carefree and worryless, a beautiful song. You are familiar. A place I should have known was where I’ve always wanted to be. Oh honey, You are missing from me…



I’m a believer of the first chance and the second, third, fourth… People should never be given up on. They should be fought with and fought for; they should always know they matter. People should never be let go. Wrap your arms and your legs around them and smother them with your love. Because no one can love them the way you can love them. But know the difference between people and your people. Because your efforts will go by unnoticed by mere passerbys

The Eat-Out Club


Once a month,  a group of people from different walks of life who know each other haphazardly or through someone else or on purpose, meet at a specifically picked corner of Gauteng to break bread, laugh, hug and celebrate life. Here is how it started and now works:


Once upon a time, a small group of friends decided it would be nice to go out for dinner from time to time. It would be a round robbin type of set up and the restaurant would be decided through name picking out of a hat or a bowl or a plate. At the end of the first dinner date together, the name of the person who would be picking the next eat out venue was picked. And so the Eat-Out Club was born! This concept is awesome for various reasons:

To The Bat-Mobile!
For us, every month is an adventure! We’ve been everywhere; from the  northern suburbs to the “dodgy” south and everywhere in between. From the oldest pub in the city, to the middle of the city all the way to the Capital City! Waze has become our closest friend and Uber is a close contender!

Our mouths have been to some amazing countries as well. We’ve tried French, Portuguese, Greek, Mexican (my favourite!!),Indian (love!!) and the likes. Sometimes our mouths stay home. We have steak so rare they mooo, ribs that leave your face stained and your heart content or the creamiest pastas in existance! We’ve had desserts you can set on fire, marshmellows piled on a pizza bread and, once, good old fashioned custard and jelly!


Good friends
At the end of the day, adventures are no fun without someone to manage the car tunes! Adventures are boring to take alone, and so we get lost so our ninjas can come to our rescue – as ninjas do! Without laughter and chatter and hugs and holding hands and love, even the best cuisine is bland and tasteless. I diarise Eat Out. I carefully pick out an outfit as though I’m going on a first date! We talk about our jobs, our studies, our workouts. We plan weekends away, random braais and Christmas lunches. We share books, recipes, rituals, wifi codes, gym challenges and so many nifty tricks that make us better humans!


I’ve grown to love these people. They fill my heart with warmth, my mouth with laughter and my spirit with contentment. This is my village.

We Have to Stop Meeting Like This

“Love is really nothing but a dream that keeps waking me” -John Mayer


Love once came to me through the trees. It was a fleeting ray of light through the leaves. I was lucky to catch a glimpse of it – lucky to capture it with my amateur lense. “I am fickle”, it whispered to me.

Of course, I paid no mind to its message. Of course, I thought I knew better….


After many years of crossing paths with Love in fickle and fleeting ways,I gave up on  it – walked away from it because though our paths intertwined, they never merged into one. But Love continued to seek me out. I found it, this time, abandoned but no longer fluid. I was suprised to have found it. I no longer knew what it felt like, but when our eyes met, we recognised each other….


Sometimes Love is an accident. It is spilled paint on a tiled floor and can go by unnoticed by eyes unpeeled. It catches you off guard, when you have done everything in your power to guard against it. It melts down your defenses and you are rendered…. helpless.


Love is solid. It is constant and it is beautiful and more remarkably, it is accessible – even to me.