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The Eat Out – The Royale, Johannesburg

Happy Sunday Erbody!

I trust you have had a great weekend and you’re rested up for the week ahead.

It amazes me how much we can change over a short space of time. And we don’t realise it ’till we revisit ourselves and see a huge change!

I love food. I love making it, and trying what other people make and so the eatout was always the highlight of my month! Check out my previous posts about it here.

Last night, a handful of the old members of the Eatout got together to celebrate a birthday in true eatout style. Our adventure took us to The Royale in Craighall, Johannesburg.

The Spot

The restaurant itself doesn’t really stick out among the long rows of shops,bars and car dealerships along Jan Smuts so you will have to trust your GPS completely to get there in case you miss it. Once inside, you are met by a Cuban vibe: Great music, palm trees and rustic photoframes on the walls. There’s an open roof in the outside/ inside area that is going to be perfect when summer really kicks in! The birthday girl had to book us a table well in advance and we found ourselves sitting next to a bridal party as well! In true Joburg style, The Royale brings in all types of people from the sophisticated cuisine hunters to the hipsters popping in for a few drinks.

The Service

I arrived late to the venue so I didn’t know who our waiter was. He was difficult to flag down but the place does start getting busy after 7 on a Saturday night. Our food and drink, however, did arrive promptly every time! The food portions were reasonable, in size and in prices, and just as yummy!

Our Favourites

Speaking of yummy food, the ribs were amazing! Tender meat and a portion fit for a king! The prawn curry was just the right amount of spicy to enjoy without tearing up! The clam and mussels were also a hit. Those 2 rolls on the side help to enjoy the leftover lemon creamy sauce😋. I will definately be having the squid next time I’m there! In a nutshell, none of us were dissappointed with our food!

Well, there you have it! My take on an authentically Cuban experience with a little help from a few friends! Thanks for your input guys! Of course, your company makes these outings all the more delightful!

Well, thank you once again for dropping by, everyone! I hope to see you on Wednesday!

P.S Oh I almost forgot! When you visit this cool spot make sure you take a picture at the Palm Tree! The Palm tree was awesome!

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The Yearning

Most English teachers will tell you how difficult it is to read for pleasure. Literature is work, something we read to find deeper meaning and even simpler ways to convey that which we encounter.

How refreshing it is to find a novel that engrosses you; a truly engaging, beautiful and authentically South African story. Every page was worth the read and it was bittersweet to put it down at the end.

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My Dear Potflower

I got you so I could learn to love something. I tried everything. I watered you twice a week. I got you a potflowersitter when I was away. Yet your buds withered and died. So I nipped you in the buds because they said you would bloom again – you didn’t. Then they said I gave you too much water, too much love. So I watered you less. I still whispered sweet nothings in your leaves. Parts of you withered and died. But parts of you continued to grow and blossom in places I did not expect. 

Tonight the rain is falling. So I’m putting you out there. I still love you and I want what is best for you. You need nector from the heavens, I think. So just for tonight I will leave you out there. And tomorrow I will bring you back in. And continue to watch you and whisper words of love to you. Please don’t die on me…

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Faith and Lovely Things

My potflower has taught me to have faith. It may look like an insignificant green bush now but it is a work in progress and if I and my watering jug continue to do our part, it will, one day, bloom. My potflower has taught me to give everything in moderation: love, affection and attention, if given over and above moderation can drown it. My potflower will droop in a sad face fashion and that’s how I’ll know it needs me. My potflower has taught me to let the sunshine in. It stretches towards the light when it feels deprived. My potflower has taught me that it’s ok to nip it in the bud once the bud dies because, in time, that bud will grow back as beautiful as it was before.

And so I water in moderation and keep it at arms length with my eye ever so often falling on it and one day, it will blossom.

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In case you were wondering, the G-string is the 4th string from the 1st string on the 6 string. The 6 string I’ve been plucking since my youth. The axe which turns my insides into goo. To know that these fingers can produce a metal melody. I love the rhythm and the blues and the notes that say the words that I myself cannot weave together as beautifully as these fingers do. I wish I was better at it, wish I could stretch my fingers further. I wish they were not this lax, this stuck in their ways. This old dog has new tricks to learn. Learnning takes time and practice and practise takes time. And progress is slow and small, but progress all the same. And so I must pluck and pluck and pluck some more. Until the progress is no longer so small.