This Way

I wasn’t born this way.

I wasn’t born in pain.



No alarm clock had a hand in waking her up this morning.The crack around her bedroom doorframe was the only indication that the day had begun. It is officially the first day of school break. As she stretched in bed, she thought of the day that stretched ahead. All the possibilities, all the choices that are hers to make lay ahead. It was gonna be a good day filled with little adventures. And she was looking forward to it.

Up in Flames

“I just don’t want to fuel the fire.” He said.

“It’s too late…” She thought to herself. She dared not say it out loud.

“What happens if we let the fire burn? There’ll be no way out!” He mused.

“We might as well let it all go up in flames and burn to the ground..” She thought it, but again, dared not say it.

She’d survived many fires before…

My Dear Potflower

I got you so I could learn to love something. I tried everything. I watered you twice a week. I got you a potflowersitter when I was away. Yet your buds withered and died. So I nipped you in the buds because they said you would bloom again – you didn’t. Then they said I gave you too much water, too much love. So I watered you less. I still whispered sweet nothings in your leaves. Parts of you withered and died. But parts of you continued to grow and blossom in places I did not expect. 

Tonight the rain is falling. So I’m putting you out there. I still love you and I want what is best for you. You need nector from the heavens, I think. So just for tonight I will leave you out there. And tomorrow I will bring you back in. And continue to watch you and whisper words of love to you. Please don’t die on me…

Faith and Lovely Things

My potflower has taught me to have faith. It may look like an insignificant green bush now but it is a work in progress and if I and my watering jug continue to do our part, it will, one day, bloom. My potflower has taught me to give everything in moderation: love, affection and attention, if given over and above moderation can drown it. My potflower will droop in a sad face fashion and that’s how I’ll know it needs me. My potflower has taught me to let the sunshine in. It stretches towards the light when it feels deprived. My potflower has taught me that it’s ok to nip it in the bud once the bud dies because, in time, that bud will grow back as beautiful as it was before.

And so I water in moderation and keep it at arms length with my eye ever so often falling on it and one day, it will blossom.

High Hair Maintenance


Winter is coming and they say that the best thing to do for your Nubian hair is to protect it.

It’s been almost 3 weeks now with these babies and I must say,they’ve proven very easy to maintain.

Ever since I found the Jamaican Mango & Lime leave-in conditioner for my Nubian hair, I’ve been hooked. I found their spray as well which has helped with itchiness for my braids and is water-based which is always the best thing for natural hair. You have to keep your Nubian hair protected but just because it’s put out of sight, doesn’t mean it doesn’t still need your TLC so I make sure that I LOC it using the spray instead of the conditioner and coconut oil which is very easy to apply on the sculp because of the big boxbraid paths.

Whenever you get tired of the maintenance of your hair just remember: When you choose to enjoy what you do, it isn’t actually all that much work at the end of the day; It is a pleasure and a joy! So, Enjoy your Nubian 😆