No alarm clock had a hand in waking her up this morning.The crack around her bedroom doorframe was the only indication that the day had begun. It is officially the first day of school break. As she stretched in bed, she thought of the day that stretched ahead. All the possibilities, all the choices that are hers to make lay ahead. It was gonna be a good day filled with little adventures. And she was looking forward to it.



These quizes really suck you in. You start out on one quiz to see which celebrity matches your personality – Rihanna? Really? – and BAM! You’ve fallen down the rabbit hole wondering what else the internet thinks it knows about you. The next quiz becomes a compliment and before you know it you are seeking validation from a system that functions on – wait, how do these quizes work, anyway?

I dunno. I do hope that we do not seek validation from a machine, though. I hope we love ourselves, smile at our own reflections, belt out our favourite songs, laugh till our tummies hurt, eat the best food and do all our favourite things everyday!

Also, I really hope I can pass out soon. It’s past my bedtime and tomorrow is school. Damn you, afternoon nap.