Better Than Me

No one knows how to lift my spirits better than me.Just put me behind the wheel and give me an adventure to embark on.

No one knows how to make my heart flutter better than me. Play me something beautiful, progressions with minors and husky voices and words that sing what I feel.

No one takes care of me better than me. Give me my matchbox flat, flavours to mix in a pot that nourish my belly and my soul.

No one calms me better than me. Make the room quiet and leave me to my own devices.

No one knows me better than me and no one loves me better than me because I’m all I’ve got…


To me

You are beautiful and strong. You are human and you do the best you can with what you have been given. The world is a nasty place. You won’t always have someone to stand up for you accept for you. You are all you have. So take care of yourself, love yourself because you are worthy of all the love there is out there. Keep going, don’t stop believing and keep your heart soft because it is good. You are good. Remember that…

Paradise Circus

What a paradox! Paradise is the place to be, but this Utopia is chaotic! Should paradise be organised? Should there be peace there? Or is all this anxiety part and parcel of the heaven that comes with being with you? Sigh, Why are we so fixated with how it should be? How many people have what should be had and are dead inside? Is being alive synonymous with this knot in my belly? Circus more than Paradise is what I think!


Ours isn’t a beautiful mess.After all, as beautiful as a mess is, it’s still just that: a mess.

Ours in an empty room with all the space in the world. Light streams in with chatter, laughter and music in the air.Ours is laid back. We have all the time in the world. Maybe we’ll put up curtains and toss a carpet on the floor like normal people do. On the other hand, we may just chase each other around this empty space or skid around in our socks falling all over each other. We’re in no hurry, no one is setting our pace or carving our path. This room is ours to do with as we please…

An Ode to the Little Things

Bob Marley: a true poet in my books. A man who never held on too tightly to the things of the world and thus lost very little. My eyes are about to feast on words of wisdom and soak up like a sponge the beauty of living.

My cellphone rings; my unlikely friend on the other side, “how about some coffee and a hang out? I’ll bring!” I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but the gesture often means more than its contents.

There are certain people in our worlds that you cross paths with mostly on social media – digital friends, if you like. Once in a blue moon,though, you colide with such friends organically and not only do they sparkle in real life as brightly as they do on your newsfeed, but they also ignite a flame which was lying dormant inside.

Moral of the day? For every setback we experience in a day, there are three blessings to compensate!