This Way

I wasn’t born this way.

I wasn’t born in pain.



I choose to treasure today and every day spent in your atmosphere. 

I choose to unclench,




and kiss… 

I choose to treasure today and every day spent in  your atmosphere.

My Stupid Mouth

My favourite thing about John Mayer is his ability to explain situations in a simple yet profound way, a way that explains quite perfectly how I feel and where I’ve been. Here’s an example:

I’m never speaking up again it only hurts me.

I’d rather be a mystery than she dessert me

Oh, I’m never speaking up again

Starting now…

 One more thing!

Why is it my fault?

So maybe I try too hard

But it’s all because of this desire

I just wanna be liked

Just wanna be funny

Looks like the joke’s on me…

You see? Perfect perfect explanation…

The Details in the Fabric


If only you knew 

The sunlight shines a little brighter

The weight of the world’s a little ligther

The stars they lean a little closer

All because of you

I wanna see you lift your chin a little higher

Open your eyes a little wider

Speak your mind a little louder

Cause you are royalty

This is your kingdom

This is your crown

This is your story

This is your moment don’t look down

You’re ready 

So ready all you gotta do is put one foot in front of you…

Lyrics by Daughter , “Sleeping at Last” These wove in quite beautiful with today’s song